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American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2007) is an animated television series from Disney Channel, which follows a Chinese American boy who has the power to transform into a dragon.

Season 1[edit]

Old School Training [1.1][edit]

Huntsman: American Dragon, prepare to become a pair of boots!

Dragon Breath [1.2][edit]

The Talented Mr. Long [1.3][edit]

The Legend of the Dragon Tooth [1.4][edit]

Haley: Jake told me not to, um... rip the door off the hinges, break the ceiling fan, and spray the fire extinguishers everywhere... but I wouldn't listen. [smiles, revealing one lost tooth] Sorry!

Act 4, Scene 15 [1.5][edit]

Huntsman: Blast that American Dragon! We'll pick up the search tomorrow. We will find him. And the beetle.
Rose: [taking her mask off] For all we know, the dragons have already send it back to Egypt. Maybe we should just give up, and-
Huntsman: Give up? Those dragons need to be slain! Never forget that! [He takes his glove off, to show Rose his mark on his palm.] It is your calling, as it is mine. As it is theirs. [Huntsman shows Rose the statues of Huntsclan members. Rose looks at her dragon-shaped birthmark]
Rose: I understand, Huntsmaster. But what's so important about this one Egyptian bug?
Huntsman: For generations, the Huntsclan have hunted magical creatures. And for generations, dragons have stood in their way. But no more. Once we locate the scarab, we will use its life-giving powers to revive past generations of the Huntsclan. Hundreds shall be reborn and become my army- An army which will wipe out dragons forever! [cackling]

Adventures In Troll Sitting / Fu Dog Takes a Walk [1.6][edit]

Professor Rotwood's Thesis [1.7][edit]

The Egg / The Heist [1.8][edit]

Dragon Summit [1.9][edit]

Body Guard Duty [1.10][edit]

Shapeshifter [1.11][edit]

The Ski Trip [1.12][edit]

The Long Weekend [1.13][edit]

Eye of the Beholder [1.14][edit]

Pageant Host: I'll be the most powerful game show host in the land! Deal with that Trebek.

Jake Takes the Cake [1.15][edit]

Susan: Jake, what are you doing?
Jake: Making a complete fool of myself on national TV.
Susan: Okay! Well good luck with that!

Hong Kong Knights [1.16][edit]

The Halloween Bash [1.17][edit]

Fu and Tell / Flight of the Unicorn [1.18][edit]

Keeping Shop [1.19][edit]

Ring Around the Dragon [1.20][edit]

The Hunted [1.21][edit]

[Rose has Jake tied up and charges him]
Rose: Its over dragon! Say goodbye!
Jake: Rose, no!
Rose: [stops in shock] What did you just call me?
Jake: Rose. If you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face. [takes on human form] Rose, its me.
Rose: [takes off her mask, shocked] Jake? [pauses then charges him] Hiyah!
Jake: [discovers Rose cut him free and is running away] Rose, wait! [tries to follow but trips on the ropes]

Season 2[edit]

Bring It On [2.1][edit]

Half Baked [2.2][edit]

Brad: That's right, the Bradster makes Home Ec home excellent.

The Academy [2.3][edit]

The Doppelganger Gang [2.4][edit]

Something Fishy This Way Comes [2.5][edit]

Breakout [2.6][edit]

Family Business [2.7][edit]

Balthazar: I do what I love, and I love what I do.

Jake: [high fives her] That's the gift that keeps on giving, you've got skills girl.
Haley: Thanks Jake [suddenly hugs him to his surprise] You're a good teacher.
Jake: [finally returns the hug] Now there's something we can agree on.

Hero of the Hourglass [2.8][edit]

Jake: [about the teenaged Huntsman's voice] Dude, what's with the voice? You sound like an accordion stuck in a woodchipper!

Jake: Fu, there's a whole side of my family my dad doesn't even know about. And I can change it. The secrets, the lies, the me being grounded every other week.

Dreamscape [2.9][edit]

[Jake and Rose are on yet another dream date. This time, they are in a hot-air balloon perched on a purple mountaintop.]
Jake: Whoa! What's this?
Rose: The "Voyage" channel aired a special on hot-air balloons. I kept flipping between that and "America's Wackiest Home Videos".
[Jake looks at Rose and is surprised Rose is a fan of "America's Wackiest Home Videos"]
Jake: Hey, isn't that the show where everybody's pants...
[A pair of hands magically appear to pull down Jake's pants, then Jake pulls them back up]
Rose: Yep, that one.

A Befuddled Mind [2.10][edit]

Fool's Gold [2.11][edit]

Feeding Frenzy [2.12][edit]

Jake: Go appendix! Go appendix! Holla back now! Appendicitis!

Haley Gone Wild [2.13][edit]

Supernatural Tuesday [2.14][edit]

Nigel: Don't reach my knees on the b-ball court, why's a kid named Long gots to be so short?

The Rotwood Files [2.15][edit]

A Hairy Christmas [2.16][edit]

Jonathan: Four Calling Birds...
Susan: Three French Hens...
Haley: Two Turtle Doves...
Jake: And you know, a bird and stuff...

Switcheroo [2.17][edit]

Love Cruise [2.18][edit]

Cupid: Papi's off to Cancun to get his groove back!

Jake: Rose is my boo, after all we been through, and a love that is taboo, we're going on the love crew, me and my boo.

Year of the Jake [2.19][edit]

Jake: [spins into Jake to free him] Haley who's side are you on?
Haley: [bluntly] You're free aren't you?

Haley: Happy Noodle Year, freak.

Homecoming [2.20][edit]

Huntsman: [after seeing Jake unmorphed] So this is the American dragon's true human form.

Huntsman: [holding one of the Aztec Skulls] By the Pantheon of Aztec Skulls I hearby wish...! [knocked out by a blast from Rose from behind]
Rose: The destruction of all Huntsclan! [all Huntsclan members start to get sucked into the air where they vaporize]

Rose: [about to be destroyed] Thank you Jake! For everything! I'll never forget you!
Jake: Rose, no!
Rose: Jake, let go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay.

Jake: I wish Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan!

Young at Heart [2.21][edit]

Haley: Now I'm mad you big try having your youth sucked out of you

Siren Says [2.22][edit]

Spud: [wearing knight armor and riding Fu like a horse] Alas, ye scurvy dragon! That lass be the Dark Knight!
Fu Dog: [to Vickie] Permission to bite him savagely, my pretty-pretty?
Vickie: Maybe later.

Jake: I don't know. Maybe if I hadn't been so shallow, Vickie would've won the auction fair and square, then she wouldn't have had a reason to go all jealous on me, although then I'd be going out with a deadly siren. Hold up. That doesn't sound right either. What is the lesson here?

Shaggy Frog [2.23][edit]

Nobody's Fu [2.24][edit]

Magic Enemy #1 [2.25][edit]

Bananas B: Train Zords for Rose is what me is naming, animal guardian's what I'm gaming. I'm telling you, dawg, yo, quit your yelping, I'm a monkey what's into helping.

Ghost Story [2.26][edit]

Benny: Hi! I'm Benny! I get picked on a lot, so I've sealed myself in this bully-resistant wonder-ball!

Craig: He's Chris.
Chris: He's Craig.
Craig: We're identical twins, only I weigh five pounds more than Chris.
Chris: Not for long, you don't!

Bite Father, Bite Son [2.27][edit]

Jonathan: [after finding Jake unconscious] You, you hurt my Jake! Nobody does that!
Vampire: You named your dragon self "Jake"?

Game On [2.28][edit]

Jake: Aw [belches] Oh yeah! That was just waiting to come out! Now where was I? Oh yeah! Man!

Furious Jealousy [2.29][edit]

Being Human [2.30][edit]

Sun: Jake ditched his American Dragon duties on purpose?!
Lao Shi: [shouting in Chinese] Ihya asamiowa! Of all the immature, self-serving--
Haley: HEY! When was the last time either of you were the American Dragon?! Well, as the little troll girl currently filling the position, let me tell you it's stinkin' hard! I can't imagine it doing it two more days, let alone two more years! And to think about everything Jake's gone through: he's had to save magical creatures on a daily basis, lie to his own dad about who he is, say goodbye to the girl he loved, all to protect a mystical world that nobody knows about! He may be the American Dragon, but he's also a fourteen year old kid who just wanted a couple days off! If that makes him "immature", fine. But "self-serving"?! With all due respect to both of you... STEP OFF!
[Sun and Lao Shi are speechless]
Haley: Heh... I crossed the line with that "step off" part, didn't I?

Chang: Sun Park, I thought you were all about peace and love.
Sun Park: And what I really love is to give you a piece of this!

Hong Kong Longs [2.31][edit]

Dark Dragon: I tried to give you all the chance in joining me ruling the world, but the American Dragon has just sealed your destruction!
Jake: If we had to choose between destruction and joining you, we'll take destruction every time.
Dark Dragon: Then you shall have it. Starting with your own grandfather!

[The Dark Dragon makes a long speech about his villainous plans]
Spud: Excuse me! I move we skip the cool villain banter and get right to the Kung-Fu!
Councilor Andam: I second the mortal's motion! Get him!

Spud: [as everyone's losing] You might be winning, but that evil laugh is still a cliche!

Jake: Rose, you remembered! But how?
Rose: You left this at my house. Let's just say it brought back some memories.

About American Dragon: Jake Long[edit]

  • It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Disney animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Disney has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us.
    • Jeff Goode


  • Jacob "Jake" Luke Long - Dante Basco
  • Luong Lao Shi "Grandpa" - Keone Young
  • Fu Dog - John DiMaggio
  • Arthur "Spud" P. Spudinski - Charlie Finn
  • Trixie Carter - Miss Kittie

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