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American Pimp is a 1999 documentary that examines the pimp subculture in the United States.

Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes.

Sir Captain[edit]

  • The street game is the only thing the white man can’t control.
  • Any man can kill, right? Any woman can be turned out.
  • I ain't never took no square no where.
  • Sex really don't mean that much to me, it really aint a part of my routine, them tricks, they can have sex better than i can ever have sex.
  • I aint never hold a girl hand and take her to the movies, i aint never took no square no where, and i do not buy dreams, i sell em!


  • I used to tell em you gotta sit down if you wanna know what it’s about with me. Why? ‘Cuz what I got ta tell ya is more powerful than a head-on collision doin’ 90 miles an hour down a one way street. W-w-what is it? Ahhh…are you ready, girl? Yeah. I’m a muthafuckin’ PIMP! Hahahahaha!
  • My name is Rosebudd with two d's for a double dose of this pimpin'.
  • Do you see these nails? I had nails, I sold these nails before I started pimpin too, I sold them to Revlon. Revlon bought my nails, they was like an inch long and I sold all 10 of them. They all used to grow like that because all I did was peel money and touch bitches. That’s all I did, talk shit and swallow spit all day long.


  • She a funky, once-a-month-bleeding, dirty-down bitch.


  • Priests need nuns, doctors need nurses. So ho's need pimps.
  • hoodrats acting like they know me!


  • If a ho don't have no instruction, she's gonna be headed for self-destruction, nam sayin?.
  • I'll pimp a bitch in chilly cold blood.
  • Kenny Red what's happening? Shit, the same old soup just reheated. You know the routine. A pimp do.
  • First thing I do, I take me a shower, wash my face, brush my mothafuckin' teeth, I gotta do my hair and all that kinda mothafuckin' shit, you know nawmsayin'? I got to get dressed, I got to smell good and errthang. It take me 2 to 3 hours to get dressed cuz it's lights, camera, and action, you know what I'm sayin'?!.
  • Ehhh This Kenny Redd I gotcha Bitch.


  • People be sayin' that we be making hos do this and we be making hos do that, but we aint making hos do a goddamn mother fucking thang when they talkin' 'bout this pimpin. We just introducing them to this shit and making sure that they be doin' this mother fuckin' shit right.
  • Love don't mix with this pimpin man what the hell you talkin' 'bout
  • "Any bitch can get out there and sell some pussy. Yeah, yeah, she can get out there and sell some pussy all day long. But she don't know the ins and outs and the ins and outs and outs and ins.

Gorgeous Dre[edit]

  • If there ain't another pimp in the country, there's gonna be some mothafuckin' hoes, hoe-in...
  • Mary Magdalene was hoeing like a mothafucka in the Bible days... Jesus knew it!

Bishop Don Magic Juan[edit]

  • It ain't easy, man. It might look glamour-like to ya, cuz ya see me riiiidin'...ya dig? Snakeskin down to tha flo', ya dig? Hat and shoes to match. Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms...It might look easy, but ya gon' hafta work some to get to this status...see ya at the top.

Fillmore Slim[edit]

  • Pussy gon' sell when cotton and corn won't.
  • you thought i was only 8 deep? im filmore mother fuckin slim! That's just my second string hoes, my benchwarmers!


  • The momo you know, the motel."
  • i dont think any other race has the charisma fo this pimpin.
  • you got to put some of them 5s on top of some of them 6s on top of some of 8s on top of some of them 11s so a pimp can see his money grow.

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