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Namo Amitābha Buddha

Amitābha Buddha (Sanskrit: अमिताभ बुद्ध) is a major figure in Mahāyāna Buddhism. He is the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of East Asian Buddhism.

Quotes about Amitābha Buddha[edit]

With help from Amitabha, we do not have to rely solely on ourselves to attain enlightenment as we would with other methods. In Pure Land Buddhism, we rely on the compassionate Buddhas and bodhisattvas to help us. Thus, reliance on self and on another are combined as we request by way of our mindful chanting that Amitabha Buddha, through the strength of his vows, help us to be reborn in the Pure Land as we breathe our last breath in our present body.

    • Pure Land Buddhism: Support for the Dying by the Pure Land Learning College Association

“Now what do you think, Śāriputra, why is that tathāgata called ‘Amitāyus’ (Immeasurable Life)? Śāriputra, the lifespan of Tathāgata Amitāyus is immeasurable. For this reason, he is called ‘Tathāgata Amitāyus.’ Furthermore, Śāriputra, why is that tathāgata called ‘Amitābha’ (Immeasurable Light)? Śāriputra, the light of Tathāgata Amitābha shines unimpeded throughout all buddha realms. For this reason, he is called ‘Tathāgata Amitābha.’ The Bhagavān Tathāgata Amitābha fully awakened to unsurpassable, completely perfect enlightenment ten eons ago."

    • Sukhāvatī­vyūha Sūtra

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