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Amma Darko (2004)

Amma Darko (born 25 June 1956) is a Ghanaian novelist.



Faceless (2003)

  • Girls are pressurized to prove their womanhood whether they can adequately care for a child or not. You know the popular saying, don't you? 'You give birth. God will take care of the child' ".
  • "Before I went there, I knew by all means she would give me food. But this woman gave me more. She hugged me. I was dirty. I smelled bad. But she hugged me...Sometimes I wish to be hugged even if I am smelling of the streets"
  • "...the nurturing of another prospective soul into the devouring jaws of the street, a life brought forth for the sake of bringing forth"
  • "...when the seed of a curse finds fertile ground in a human mind, it spreads with the destructive speed of a creeping plant. And while it does, it nurtures superstition, which in turn, eats into all reasoning abilities and the capability of facing responsibility"
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