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Anachronox is a 2001 Sci-Fi game about a down-on-his-luck private detective who, through a series of events, eventually finds himself on a path to save the universe! It turns out that doing so, however, will prove just as difficult as coming to terms with his past.

Anachronox mixes Sci-Fi and RPG elements in the reign of JRPG's while combining witty dialog and a colorful and humorous cast of characters with an epic science fiction storyline.

Directed by Tom Hall and Jake Strider Hughes. Written by Richard Zangrande Gaubert .


Warning! Some of the Quotes on this page might contain spoilers!

Sylvester 'Sly Boots' Bucceli[edit]

  • You're gonna hit me, aren't you?
  • Oh, cry me a river, sister. You blew up the planet with that little experiment of yours!
  • Gnash them snappers, kid; I got a sock that eats like a meal. This putrid, unwashed, puss-soaked, blood-crusted sock was fermenting around a gangrenous stump of a foot for eight and half months. This is the chewiest, smelliest sock you'll ever have the luck to nosh on. And you're just a short Q&A away from suckin' this baby dry!
  • Well what the hell are we supposed to do about it? Six losers against an army of chaos...?! Why doesn't Order send some reinforcement, or something?
  • Stop hitting me with that thing, or I'm gonna belt you back. OW! I mean it!
  • About time - Been freezing my butt off! (at Stiletto) Now gimme a hug, I need some body heat...
  • (at Paco) What happened to your hair?
  • I'm a professional!
  • Let me guess, you inexplicably keep the solution somewhere really dangerous.
  • I'm your man - I'm experienced and expensive... Available!
  • (at PAL-18) Then let's burn rubber, kid. Two on the town, just like the old days!
  • You know the difference between you and the you five minutes ago? The you five minutes ago had five minutes to live.
  • ... Sly Boots, the MASTER OF TIME AND SPACE!


  • Wanna see my batteries?


  • I am Paco!


  • Ah piss.
  • Oh, piffle!
  • Damnation! I've pored through half these books and I'm no closer to discovering the missing link. It's all superstition with no basis in reality. I came here looking for science and found religion instead... And these infernal bugs are everywhere! One nearly crawled up my goose pipe!


Dr. Bowman: "We all decided we wanna be there when you get yourself killed!"
Sly: "Don't worry, I'll make things good." (at PAL-18) "Ready to hit the road, partner?"
PAL-18: "You betcha Mr. Boots!"
Sly: "Then let's do it; let's get some breakfast!"

Sly: "Spare me the jokes about my smell; I just want what's coming to me - Access to the library... and a stick of deodorant!"
Monk: "We keep our word here, detective. Baby fresh or musk?"

Grumpos: "Look, you left a sock over there... over there... Is it so hard to pick up after yourself?"
Sly: "What? I was gonna pick it up tomorrow!"
Grumpos: "Tomorrow? Tomorrow?! YOU SON OF A...!" (brawl ensues)

Sly: "Why didn't you ever let me in on this?"
Rowdy: "I did. But you were drunk and threw up before I could finish telling you."

Sly: "Ha! That's twenty questions; you guys lose!"
Dr. Bowman: "So what was it?"
Sly: "Anachronox! Man, you guys are dumb."
Dr. Bowman: "But... You said it started with a 'U'."
Sly: "Yeah I know."

Monk: "Can I help you?"
Sly: "Oh! Hey there. Can my friend use your library for a few hours?"
Monk: "No. You're under arrest for trespassing."
Sly: "You can't detain me, I'm a private investigator on an important case. Can't I wash dishes, or something?"
Monk: "A detective? Really? Then the gods smile on us both today, provided you are willing to cooperate in... an extremely delicate matter for us."
Sly: "Yeah I was kidding about the dishes!"

Council Member 1: "Oh, you're all jumping to conclusions. There is no evidence the missiles are even destructive in nature."
Council Member 2: "Evidence? The Virulent Hive has been doing this for hundreds of years - Bomb plant, wait for dust to settle, then re-colonise to expand hive... What exactly do you think is inside those warheads? Gift baskets?"

Sly: "Do I get a cool robe?" (after completing a quest)
Monk: "How about a cool T-Shirt?"

Stiletto: "Interesting little collection of characters you've shacked up with. Which scam you running?"
Sly: "It's my biggest case ever! I'm, uh, trying to 'save the universe'."
Stiletto: "Do tell!"

Sly: "Detta's got the keystone. And I gave it to him..."
Rowdy: "So take it back."
Sly: "How? Detta controls the city. I need an army."
Rowdy: "The seven of you equipped with Mystech are all the army you need."
Sly: "But it's Detta. I never asked for this. How am I supposed to 'save the universe'? I'm me..."

Sly: "You look great."
Stiletto: "You don't. Our golden boy looks a little tarnished."
Sly: "Should have seen me on Monday..." (pause) "You gonna stay in that get-up all day?"
Stiletto: "Thinking about it. It's me, don't you think?"
Sly: "Not remotely."
Stiletto: "So what happened to Fatima?"
Sly: "I thought you were dead..."
Stiletto: "Don't change the subject."
Sly: "She died. The night you disappeared."
Stiletto: "Why didn't you come after me that night?"
Sly: "I did, Sera."
Stiletto: "I could never count on you Bucceli."
Sly: "Don't call me that, Sera..."
Stiletto: "Then don't call me Sera... I'm Stiletto now."
Sly: "What the hell happened to you...?"
Stiletto: "I found myself."

Fatima: "You're crazy. I can't believe you're going after those... things! I'm serious, Boots, I can't let you do this!"
Sly: "Weren't you the one telling me to get off my butt just a few weeks ago?"
Fatima: "There is a difference between getting a job and throwing away your life."
Sly: "I've never felt this strongly about anything. I have to do this!
Fatima: "What makes you think you can save the universe when you couldn't even save me."
Sly: (Pause) "I'm sorry..."

Dr. Bowman: "Oh hell!'
Grumpos: "Oh no!!"
Sly: "Oh what?"

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