Anarchists Against the Wall

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Anarchists Against the Wall (Hebrew: אנרכיסטים נגד גדרות) is an Israeli activist group that organizes against the Israel-Judea Samaria Barrier.



Anarchists Against the Wall

  • No to the ghetto that's being built by Jews!
    No to walls between people!
    Stop the occupation!
    Israelis, Palestinians and international activists!
    Bring down the apartheid wall in Mas'ha!.
    • "First Announcement" (Dec 25, 2003)
  • We, to whom the future of this land is important, regard the system of fences and a separation wall as not only a huge disaster for the Palestinian people but also a direct threat for us and anyone who desires a peaceful as well as secure life. This is not a security fence. This is a racist apartheid fence that will cause bloodshed for all of us for many years to come.
    • "Declaration" (Jan 5, 2004)
  • We are realists and understand that the abolition of the state system will not occur tomorrow, but even today we can already demand a way of life with "no rulers and no ruled", "no masters and no slaves." Direct action is the democratic act when democracy stops functions. The Berlin wall was not dismantled by rulers and agreements but rather by citizens who felled it with their own hands.
    • "Declaration" (Jan 5, 2004)
  • We try to live in our daily lives the changes we are striving for. We work in a spirit of full cooperation, without leaders. Our decisions are arrived ay by consensus and everyone contributes according to their ability. We believe that justice and equality are arrived at by voluntary agreement between people, and that the state is only an aggressive tool of dominant ethnic an/or class groups.
    • "Declaration" (Jan 5, 2004)
  • The ethnic cleansing is occurring before our eyes, and we have only one option: to use the few rights we still have from the remnants of Israeli democracy and break the racist immoral laws. Yes to break the gates and fences, block the bulldozers with our bodies, enter closed off military areas, and also transform the enemy into our friend. Palestinian and Israeli resistance will continue as long as the occupation - the infrastructure and root of terror - continues.
    • "Declaration" (Jan 5, 2004)
  • We have come here to say that this war is not necessary and is certainly not just. We have come here to refuse the politics of hared and vengeance. We have come here to opposes the whitewashing of war crimes, and their portrayal as a fight against terrorists. We are here to say that those who speak out against civlian casualties in Sderot cannot avoid killing that is taking place in Gaza , courtesy of the Israeli army's bombardments.
    • "Speech at Tel Aviv Demo Against the War in Gaza" (Jan 2009)
    • Anarchists Against the Wall's Biggest success is our ability to honestly look at our Jewish privilege (whether we're Jewish or not) within Israel's system of military occupation and apartheid and acting on that premise as the day-to-day situations demand - enables us to create political bonds with each other. Yet these bonds, which form the group within which we act together, often remain merely in the political realm and steer away from the personal. They are not friendships (though that sometimes occurs)m they do not accommodate anything of the emotional sort, and to me that may just be the problem.
    • Tali Shapiro,"Running with Wolves"
  • Here at this podium, just as in the olive groves of the West Bank, our primary moral duty is not to maintain ideological purity but rather to stand with Palestinians in their resistance to oppression. We recognize the importance of garnering international support for the ongoing struggle and the major contribution of this award. We believe that standing here, in the current state of affairs, is a direct continuation of the blocking of bulldozers, standing side by side with the stone throwers, or running away from tear has along with young and elderly protesters.
    • The Carl Von Ossietzky Medal Acceptance Speech" (Dec 2007)
  • Vegananarchism doesn't just mean not feeding off the suffering of animals; like orthodox Judaism, it also means not eating with the gen pop of the barracks of Isra-hell. With the infoshop, and the vegan-queer-punk-cult bar, and a couple of semicommunes, we almost have what it takes to keep apart at times.
    • Roy Wagner, "Fear and Loathing at the Central Bus Station"