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Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov or Liadov (May 11 [O.S. April 29] 1855 – August 28 [O.S. August 15] 1914) was a Russian composer, teacher and conductor.

Quotes about Lyadov[edit]

  • Anyone who dared to depart from the conventional path was bound to incur his [Lyadov's] wrath. Thrusting his hands into his pockets and swaying back and forth... , he [Lyadov] would say, ‘I cannot understand why you bother to study with me. Go to Richard Strauss, go to Debussy.’ He might as well have said, ‘Go to the devil.’
    • Sergei Prokofiev, in S. I. Shlifshtein, ed., S. Prokofiev: Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences, trans. Rose Prokofieva

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