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Anatoly Shariy

Anatoly Anatolyevich Shariy (born August 20, 1978) is a Ukrainian journalist, videoblogger and politician. Ukrainian media commonly refer to him as "pro-Russian" and "anti-Ukrainian", labels he denies. In June 2019 he founded a party, Party of Shariy, which participated in that year's parliamentary election.


  • The danger is that sometimes skinheads want to join the movement, [our] movement has nothing to do with that… They [homosexual people] should sit and be happy that they are not getting killed. (…) From their side should be respect; on my part there is nothing to respect them for, [they are] sick people.
  • Not so long ago, I got into an argument with one of the readers, who is also my friend. She ardently defends the rights of gays and lesbians, whom I, in her words, “unjustly insulted” in many articles."What do you care about them ?!" - once again, like hundreds of commentators on articles before her, the girl asked. And for the umpteenth time, like hundreds of commentators, I answered - I don't care about them. I do not distinguish them from the dog shit on the side of the road, I do not care about them, but I do care about my children and the future of the territory with which my life is connected...
  • In Iran, after the 1979 Islamic revolution, over 4,000 lesbians and homosexuals were sentenced to death. The clerical regime also executed many women for extramarital sex. [...] I believe that in Iran with prostitution, pedophilia and rape the situation is hundreds of times better than in our extremely cultured and civilized country.
  • Unpleasant information came to me that in Kyiv, the inhabitants of Western Ukraine suddenly began to tell the people of Kyiv how they should behave, how they have to love Ukraine, how they need to sing the anthem, walk with the flag. I have several friends from Western Ukraine, I respect these people, I am proud of friendship with them, these are quite sane people. I ask my appeal to the irresponsible women not to consider him chauvinism and racism and something else. In fact, until the 39th year you were nobody. You were instead of oxen, you were like marmots on their holes dug in the mountains. Or buried, you were dug in the 39th. Do you understand? The regions of Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Poltava have something to hate Stalin. You do not, you have to put Stalin a golden monument in one of your villages. And you have to pray at this monument in fact, because you saw civilization in the 39th year. You started to wipe your ass in the 39th. When they tell me they served soups to the Poles, I say this is impossible. They served soups to farm laborers of the Poles. Because no one would have allowed them to the Poles. You did not have land. You... I am Ukrainian, and you are not Ukrainians. You second... there, second... well, I don’t say second grade, no, you are just half-breeds. Three-timers, foursquads. You are half fucking Poles, half you are Hungarians, half you the devil knows what you are really. Do not tell the people of Kyiv how they should behave, how they need to love the country, love their flag. Because it is not your flag. You have no flag. You are not Ukrainians.

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