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Andile ‘Sticks’ Dlamini (born 2 September 1992) is a South African soccer player who plays as a goalkeeper for SAFA Women's League club Mamelodi Sundowns and the South Africa women's national team.


  • "We know it is 11 against 11 on the field and one team must win."
  • "That's what I want to see change - getting more sponsors in the women's game so that the girls can also make a living out of a football career."
  • "Music is life"
  • "I want to be the positive force that heals people and being humble does that."
  • "If you know who you represent and who you are, I think you'll understand the people that you're representing."
  • "This is a team sport and I'm given talent and when you have it you need to use it in a positive way."
  • "I needed to be strong for others. I believe so much in positivity. Why do I? It's because one can perform to the best of their abilities if they're happy."
  • "I believe that we are who we are today because of unity. When you're united nothing can break you. Even outside factors can't break you."
  • "If you want to solve something as quickly as possible, communicate so that you break negativity."
  • "We didn't go there to make numbers but we went there to make a difference and to make that little girl proud."

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