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André Gernez

André Gernez (25 January 19238 January 2014) co-founded the organic stem cells theory. In 1979, he received the « Hans Adalbert Schweigart » price with Konrad Lorentz. He also has a long collaboration with Jean-Pierre Willem.


  • 'Il est urgent et important de légaliser la transfusion sanguine universelle par adoption immunitaire.'
    • It is urgent and important to legalise universal blood transfusion by immune adoption.
      • From Le scandale du siècle tome 2, DVD of Bilien (2008)
  • Il vaut mieux écraser un gland plutôt qu'un chêne.
    • It is better to crush a gland instead of an oak.
      • From La cinécellulaire: extrait des mises au point de la biologie, personal notes (2008)
  • Dear Dr. Gernez : It is with great pleasure that I have received your monograph La Carcinogénèse. The subject is both fascinating and of great importance and it is good to have your views on cancer as a defensive mecanism set forth lucidly and in detail. signed by Charles L. Dunham, M. D., Chairman of Division of Medical Sciences from National Research Council (September 3, 1969).

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