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Andrea K. Brooks (March 3, 1989–) is a Canadian actress and model.


  • Let me say that I do not watch my works often. I focus on my job and I just let it be. You have no control over what the editors will do with your work so there’s no point worrying. You’re attached to the project and that is great no matter how it turns out. The best thing is that there is a possibility that people will take such an interest in the project in which you are involved and it will inspire the viewers. They will open their hearts and positively receive it. That is the best thing about being an actress, and it what I hope for each project I do.
  • I know there are some other shows where you run into difficulty with this multimedia platform where everyone has a voice, and we engage with fans so regularly. It’s hard to give everyone what they want, but you also need to push your fans a little bit
  • One of the things with actors too is that sometimes you don’t want to be contracted to do a role as an actor because if you’re reading for other pilots and you have an interest in something else or a producer is talking to you about a movie or a show that’s been pitched and they’re thinking it’s gonna go, you don’t want to lock yourself into a schedule. And no one ever talks about that. In fact, usually you’re not allowed to. So you just sit there, and people have all these theories, and you can’t really say anything because of non-disclosure.
  • The one thing I know from speaking to a lot of actors is people don’t like to be stagnant. They don’t want things to just remain the same. That’s tough when you’re on a show that lasts a lot of seasons because while your character has peaks and valleys and journeys, they’re still that character. So it’s always very thrilling to get to play something that is so opposite of the other character. It’s kind of like this constant juxtaposition, and it’s a thrill.

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