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Angel Eyes is a 2001 drama/romance film about a mysterious man who is drawn to a feisty female police officer and an unusual relationship ensues, as not everything is as it seems.

Directed by Luis Mandoki. Written by Gerald Di Pego.
You won't believe your eyes.taglines


  • Then I realized that it doesn't have to be perfect... It can be whatever it is.
  • Let's talk about something stupid!


  • My name is Catch. I don't commit any crimes, I walk around town, that's all of it, except for you, the way I feel about you.

Larry Pogue, Sr.[edit]

  • You know what, Sharon? It's not cool that you start showing up around here in your cop uniform, then people will start getting the impression that we're in trouble!


Sharon: It's not a good neighborhood, maybe I should walk you to your car.
Catch: I don't have a car.
Sharon: Would you like a ride home?
Catch: No thank you, I like to walk, Are you OK to drive?
Sharon: I'm not drunk, you think I'm drunk, cause you'll know when I'm drunk when I start throwing up!

(as Catch looks at Sharon)
Sharon: What?!
Catch: Oh, I was trying to picture you without your clothes on!
Sharon: (surprised) Excuse me?!
Catch: Oh, not like that; I mean I'm trying to picture you without your uniform, on your day off... with regular clothes.

Sharon: You never said a word about yourself the other night, who are you?
Catch: What's the difference?!
Sharon: What's the difference?! You're standing in my bedroom, looking through my panty drawer! That's the difference! Who are you?
Catch: Somebody who keeps his appointments.

Sharon: Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't look through people's drawers?
Catch: Why? It looks more real in here.
Sharon: It's considered rude.
Catch: Now that I'm here, you seem kinda mad about it. Maybe I should get going?
Sharon: Believe me, when I'm mad, you'll know it.
Catch: Is this the mad part?
Sharon: Maybe going is a good idea.

Robby: So I take it your little date sucked?
Sharon: I just don't have to tell my life story to a total stranger. "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?" It's endless.
Robby: No, I think the problem was you didn't wanna clean his little bitty pipes too soon.
Sharon: No, the problem is that all I wanted to do was clean his pipes. It was the conversation that was ticking me off.
Robby: Well, baby girl, if it's servicing you need...
Sharon: Shut the hell up.


  • The Deeper You Look. The More You Will Find.
  • Sometimes an accident is no accident at all.
  • You won't believe your eyes.


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