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Angela Olufunmilayo Emuwa (born 1959) is a Nigerian media executive and journalist. She is the chair of Punch Media Foundation, appointed by the Board of Punch Nigeria Limited in June 2018 after the death of her brother, Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin, on May 30, 2018. Before her appointment as the chair, she joined the board in 1994 and functioned as a non-executive director of the company.



  • One thing about autism is that you cannot discern it by merely seeing a child that has it. They look like your regular children! It’s only when they start throwing themselves on the floor or crying without cause, banging their heads on the wall, etc. that you are able to tell. Light and people affect them, and sometimes they are unable to sleep and are restless.
    • [1]
    • Speaking about Autism.
  • People claim that it was actually after vaccination that their child changed. I don’t want to say that vaccination is the cause because vaccination hasn’t been scientifically proved to be the cause of autism.
    • [2]
    • Reacting to the claim that vaccination causes autism.
  • Sports has helped him discover new abilities in himself. I’ve always believed that children should be exposed to as many opportunities as possible in order to discover their strengths and areas of interest. This is very important especially when a child has intellectual challenges/learning difficulties.
    • [3]
    • Attributing her son’s success in sports to the opportunities he got to learn despite his disability.


  • A lot of people think that when they have children with disabilities, they can’t bring them out. Parents have to know that children have rights to be out there. Parents should know that the world is for everybody.
    • [4]
    • Speaking on the consequences of parents keeping their autistic children indoors and preventing them from interacting with people.
  • If the parents are informed, they will know what to expect from therapists and in the process also learn how to do things for their children by themselves.
    • [5]
    • Talking about therapists who take advantage of people with disabilities.
  • It’s up to the parents to show love to their children so that people outside can also show love to the children as well.
    • [6]
    • Admonishing parents to show love to their autistic children first for others to emulate.


  • Women need to be confident and assert their presence in meetings, etc. They need to know their strengths and use it to their advantage. Rising to the leadership position is about merit and what is brought to the table. The need to do a lot of personal development.
    • [7]
    • Reaffirming that networking is key to the growth and development of women in the workplace.


  • I learnt the real meaning of independence. Taking my own decisions, taking charge of my life and being fully responsible for the consequences of decisions made especially managing my time and my finances.
    • [8]
    • Talking about her biggest lesson studying in the UK.
  • As a leader, it is my job to create an enabling environment to bring out the best in people. But one must also be alert to circumstances that may be affecting employees’ productivity and try and see how you can help them to be more effective at work.
    • [9]
    • Sharing what she learned while managing people.
  • The stories are out there and instead of wasting time in traffic trying to get back to the office, they can work from home. Interviews can also be done remotely.
    • [10]
    • On coronavirus pandemic changing permanently the way people work.
  • What gives me joy is having a positive impact on people’s lives and knowing that I made a difference.
    • [11]
    • On the best use of money.
  • When the masses have a better understanding of economic policies, it will increase their participation and their ability to take advantage of these policies for their benefit thus reducing poverty in the society.
    • [12]
    • On her newspaper’s responsibility to enhance the masses’ understanding of economic policy.

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