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Angela Saini in 2010

Angela Saini (born 1980 in London) is a British science journalist (with family origins in northern India) and book author. She worked as a reporter and presenter for the BBC and produced documentaries. She won the Association of British Science Writers Award in 2012 for best news item published in 2011 and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Gold Award in 2015.


  • The power hierarchy had white people of European descent sitting at the top. They believed themselves to be the natural winners, the inevitable heirs of great ancient civilizations. There are still many today who look at the world and imagine that the imbalances and inequalities we see are natural, that white Europeans have some innate superiority that allowed them to conquer and take the lead, and that they will have it forever. They imagine that only Europe could have been the birthplace of modern science, or that only the Europeans could have conquered the Americas.
  • It was in 1680 that the English political theorist Sir Robert Filmer defended the divine right of kings by arguing in his Patriarcha that the state was like a family, meaning kings were effectively the fathers and their subjects, the children. The royal head of state was the ultimate earthly patriarch, ordained by God, whose authority went back to the patriarchs of biblical times. In Filmer's vision of the universe—an obviously self-serving one for an aristocrat—patriarchy was natural. It began small, in people's families, with the father having dominion over his household, and ended large, marbled through institutions of politics, law, and religion.

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