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But, I can promise that there will be no mercy for any member found guilty of misconduct

Angelo Mathews (Sinhalese: ඇන්ජෙලෝ මැතිව්ස්; Tamil: அஞ்செலோ மத்தியூஸ்) (born in 2 June 1987; age 28) is a professional Sri Lankan cricketer, and captain of the Sri Lankan National Cricket Team. Angelo Mathews is known for his great batting technique, and his bowling.


  • We can't call Afghanistan minnows. They beat all the teams in the qualifiers and progressed. We are taking them very seriously. They can upset any team. We have to really play well to beat Afghanistan. They're really tough. It (2015 WC) was a very close game. They really fought hard against us. We have to fight well. If we play to our potential, we can beat them.
  • It has been a disappointing few months for all of us. We let down the fans, we let down the whole country. All we can do is stick to one combination, not try and change the team too much. Quick decisions won't solve this matter, we got to try and be patient.
  • We all want this game to be clean and whoever has done something wrong, we want them to bring before the courts and take certain decisions. As captain of the team I have to mention that the cricketers felt really uncomfortable the last few days because they are the ones who came forward and reported this to ICC [International Cricket Council] and SLC
  • I can't deny or accept that these things happened. But, I can promise that there will be no mercy for any member found guilty of misconduct. As players, we don't play to lose and you get hurt when spectators say things like this. Fans are also hurt when we lose and you have to look at it from both ways. I am not admitting or denying anything. But I have been asked to submit a report which I will do during the next few days.


  • Angelo's such a world-class player because he's so adaptable and he's got such a strong defence as well. It was a plan we wanted to play out and obviously when he started walking across his stumps a little bit, Wags decided that at some stage he was going to try and bowl the miracle ball and try and hit the base of leg stump. In the end it obviously split his defence and went on to the stumps.

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