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Angus Young

Angus McKinnon Young (born March 31, 1955, in Glasgow, Scotland) is a rock guitarist who has been a member of Australian hard rock band AC/DC since the group was formed in 1973. Angus is known for his hard-edge blues style lead (and signature vibrato), wild stage energy, and schoolboy clothing style.


  • I love the music from Nat King Cole, BB King, Albert King... When I think of it, I wouldn't mind being renamed Angus King.
  • If it was happening, I'd call it Heavenly Beast. If it wasn't happening, I usually call it Arsehole.
  • I don't like to play above or below people's heads. Basically, I just like to get up in front of a crowd and rip it up.
    • Interview with NME magazine in October 1976
  • We want to appeal to everyone and get rich quick. We want to be millionaires. I've got this plan to buy Tasmania you see...
    • Interview with Sounds magazine in June 1976
  • It's just rock and roll. A lot of times we get criticized for it. A lot of music papers come out with: 'When are they going to stop playing these three chords?' If you believe you shouldn't play just three chords it's pretty silly on their part. To us, the simpler a song is, the better, 'cause it's more in line with what the person on the street is.
    • Interview with the Atlanta Gazette in May 1979
  • We're a rock group. We're noisy, rowdy, sensational and weird.
    • Bonfire Box Set
  • You should hear me on my own. It’s horrendous.
    I saw Deep Purple live once and I paid money for it and I thought, Geez, this is ridiculous.’
  • The best AC/DC cover I've heard? There was an all-girl cover band in America, the Hell's Belles.
    • Blender, 2003


  • "Angus Young's frantic over-the-top soloing has sparked many of AC/DC's biggest tunes. But beneath the reckless theatrics and naughty schoolboy images lurks a skilled guitarist."

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