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Ann Hui

Ann Hui On-wah (born 23 May 1947) is a Hong Kong film director, producer, screenwriter and actress


Masterclass with Ann Hui at the 77th Venice International Film Festival[edit]

  • Its always my conviction that young filmmakers do not actively need old filmmakers help, because the society in which they are living in, their surroundings and their knowledge is completely different. I mean there’s a whole set of different rules which they know better than we do, but if we use our experience to tell them what to do I think it hinders more than it helps. Not unless the old director who’s out to help is also a very good teacher that is saying to the student what he needs to know instead of just telling the student his experience. And being a teacher, I think I’ve been one myself and I know that I’m not good enough, because to be a great teacher is more difficult than to be a great filmmaker.

Interview at the 31st Singapore International Film Festival[edit]

Virtual interview with Ann Hui and Man Lim Chung moderated by Tan Pin Pin and interpreted by Sylvia Wong

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