Anne Boleyn

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"Good Christian People, I have not come here to preach a sermon; I have come here to die."[1] - Before her execution, May 19th, 1536

"If it ever lay in my power, I will work the Cardinal as much displeasure as he has done to me."[2] - About her dislike of Cardinal Wolsey

"I heard the executioner was very good. And I have a little old creaky neck."[3] - On her execution

" Oh I do wish that the King will die of a deadly illness so I do wish, and I will wish it with all my heart to punish Henry, who is the spawn of the devil and will forever burn in the lake of fire."[4] - Her confession after being starved of food and water



Paragraph 6


"Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy"


Paragraph 4

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