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Anne Enright (2008)

Anne Enright (born 11 October 1962) is an Irish writer.


  • I remember rocking the pram with one hand and typing with the other.
    • On motherhood and its effect on her writing — The Guardian
  • There was a great buzz and sometimes I felt like awarding myself purple hearts for the work I was doing.
  • It was lucky I was hanging around with theatre types who don't really have steady jobs.

Quotes about Enright[edit]

  • Everybody's got an opinion about her, haven't they? Even that charmless female Anne Enright couldn't just accept a fat cheque and the Man Booker Prize for her miserable novel about a large family without telling the world, totally gratuitously, that she hated Kate McCann. Her publishers should have put a large brown bag over her head immediately — because to put down someone who is guilty of no crime, except being fit and attractive, is thoroughly repellent. I urge you not to buy Enright's book until she apologises for this slur on another member of the sisterhood.
  • She should, in my view, make a substantial donation to the Madeleine McCann fund -- perhaps half her Booker prizewinnings of €70,000: she will be a rich woman, in any case... But I doubt she will make any such gesture, because I don't think she quite understands how much damage she has done, not just to Mr and Mrs McCann, but to the vital principle that every individual in a properly-run democracy is innocent until proved guilty. She seems to think that the unfortunate aspect was the "timing" of the piece. No, it was not. It was the substance -- and the effect.

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