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Annie Charlotte Dalton, from a 1926 publication

Annie Charlotte Armitage Dalton MBE (December 9, 1865 – January 12, 1938) was a English-born Canadian poet, sometimes known as "the Poet Laureate of the Deaf."


  • "I will be strong! then let the billows roll
    Far o'er my head--they cannot hurt my soul;
    Deeper the swell, the higher soars the crest--
    I reach my haven on its boundless breast."
  • "The landscape, like a painted picture shone,
    Lined as an atlas in the window frame,
    In form, in character, for aye the same,
    But many moods writ each its tale thereon."
  • "We ask Thee not for quietness and rest,
    But for the ecstasy of endless quest;
    That Chief Adventure, questing for the truth,
    That radiant wholesomeness, immortal youth."
  • "Foolish, foolish
    Edith Sitwell
    sang a solo
    of her auntie,
    her rich auntie
    and her trumpet,
    such a trumpet
    as old ladies
    give to stranger-
    folk to blow in."

Quotes About Annie Charlotte Dalton[edit]

  • "During periods of creative work she lived in another world."

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