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Anthony Rapp smiling and looking slightly to the side.
Anthony Rapp at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

Anthony Rapp (born 26 October 1971 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American stage and film actor.


  • I do prefer men. I’ve always been very open about that. I don’t really care anymore about labels, per se, but I think it’s interesting to talk about the whole spectrum of the experiences. I think for some people, when they think that public figures say something like what I said, they’re trying to obfuscate or hide. I wasn’t trying to do that — I was trying to have an open conversation about the nature of sexuality, and that there’s a fluidity to it to some degree in some cases. I’ve always liked the word “queer,” because it’s an umbrella word that covers all of it. I also like the fact that “queer” was reclaimed from being an epithet to being a word that’s empowering.

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