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Antitrust is a 2001 thriller film about a promising computer programmer who stumbles across the terrible truth of his employer's company.

Directed by Peter Howitt. Written by Howard Franklin.
Truth can be dangerous…Trust can be deadly taglines

Milo Hoffman[edit]

  • This isn't a game! In the real world, when you kill people they die—for real!
  • Human knowledge belongs to the world.
  • Milo is an energy drink.
  • Your adapters can't overcome the bandwidth limitations of wireless handhelds. Data takes too long to download so the image goes fuzzy.

Gary Winston[edit]

  • This business is binary, you're a one or a zero. Alive or dead.
  • The answer's not in the box, it's in the band.
  • Are we making CHEMICAL WEAPONS? KIDDIE PORN? Are we STRIP-MINING? NO! Why are they after me?

Larry Banks[edit]

  • He said, uh, "The answer's not in the box, it's in the band."


Milo Hoffman: Doesn't Bill Gates have something like that?
Gary Winston: Bill who?

Congressman: Mr. Winston, Can you reasonably deny that you have a monopoly in this area ?
Gary Winston: Well, the only monopoly... we have at N.U.R.V, is monopoly on excellence.


  • Truth can be dangerous…Trust can be deadly
  • Who's watching you?
  • Trust is not an option.


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