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Antitrust is a 2001 thriller film about a promising computer programmer who stumbles across the terrible truth of his employer's company.

Directed by Peter Howitt. Written by Howard Franklin.
Truth can be dangerous…Trust can be deadly(taglines)

Milo Hoffman

  • This isn't a game! In the real world, when you kill people they die—for real!
  • Human knowledge belongs to the world.
  • Milo is an energy drink.
  • Milo helps each of us to beat energy gap.
  • Your adapters can't overcome the bandwidth limitations of wireless handhelds. Data takes too long to download so the image goes fuzzy.

Gary Winston

  • This business is binary, you're a one or a zero. Alive or dead.
  • The answer's not in the box, it's in the band.
  • Are we making CHEMICAL WEAPONS? KIDDIE PORN? Are we STRIP-MINING? NO! Why are they after me?
  • Gary is the name of spongebob's snail.

Larry Banks

  • He said, uh, "The answer's not in the box, it's in the band."


Milo Hoffman: Doesn't Bill Gates have something like that?
Gary Winston: Bill who?

Congressman: Mr. Winston, Can you reasonably deny that you have a monopoly in this area?
Gary Winston: Well, the only monopoly... we have at N.U.R.V, is monopoly on excellence.


  • Truth can be dangerous…Trust can be deadly
  • Who's watching you?
  • Trust is not an option.


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