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Anzacs (named for members of the all volunteer ANZAC army formations) was a 1985 5-part Australian miniseries set in World War I. The series follows the lives of a group of young Australian men who enlist in the 8th Battalion (Australia) of the First Australian Imperial Force in 1914, fighting first at Gallipoli in 1915, and then on the Western Front for the remainder of the war.

ANZACS (mini series)[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

Sir Rupert Barrington: The Australian Army, no future there. Probably will be used for garrison duties behind the lines.

Dick Baker: Where are you headed?
Martin Barrington: Queensland
Dick Baker: Well, I'm headed to France.
Martin Barrington: That is what I mean. I'm heading to Queensland the long way, via France.

Cyril Henshaw: As your Member of Parliament, most of you know me.
Pat Cleary: For those of you who don't, keep your hands on your wallets.

Cyril Henshaw: As one whose duty is on the home front. I want you boys to know that Cyril Henshaw is right behind you.
Pat Cleary: Yeah! 12,000 miles behind you.

Cyril Henshaw: (to Pat) If you had one speck of shame, you’d join up.
Pat Cleary: I am going to join up. In fact, I’m joining your outfit.
Cyril Henshaw: My outfit?
Pat Cleary: “B” Company. “B” here when they go and “B” here when they get back.

(after Marty unwittingly volunteers them for extra duty)
Pat Cleary: First lesson: Never volunteer for anything.
Dick Baker: Good on you, Marty.

Lt. Harold Armstrong: (seeing the reluctance for volunteers for Corporal) Come come lads. The job pays an extra shilling a day.

Pvt. Pat Cleary: (seeing the Australia tabs for his uniform) Australia? I'm a Queenslander.
Cpl. Martin Barrington: You're officially Australia now, Pat.
Pvt. Pat Cleary: Well it could have been worse, you could have made me a Victorian.
Pvt. (later Acting Cpl.) Dick Baker: And what is wrong with Victorians, you banana bender?
Pvt. Pat Cleary: You've got a couple of hours?

Sgt. Tom McArthur: (meeting the Johansen brothers) Well what do we have here? Two and a half Dutchmen.
Pvt. Erik Johansen: Not Dutch, Sargeant. Danish.

Sgt. Tom McArthur: You might think it is the high-and-mighty officers who run this army. Well, you are dead wrong. It's the sargeants.
Pvt. Pat Cleary: (mumbling) I thought Bligh was a captain, not a sargeant.
Sgt. Tom McArthur: What did you say?
Pvt. Pat Cleary: I said they should've made you a captain, sargeant.

Pvt. Flanagan: (to a cross Baker) What's the problem, mate? Somebody pinched your bag of lollies or something?
Acting Cpl. Dick Baker: You could be handy if you don't get your block knocked off.

Nurse Lt. Kate Baker: (seeing her brother's surprise) Mum sent me to keep an eye on you.

Pvt. Pat Cleary: (asked by Sgt. McArthur to introduce himself) Cleary. Middleweight champion of North Queensland. Champion horsebreaker of the Outer BarQ. And breaker of women's hearts everywhere.
Sgt. Tom McArthur: Anything else?
Pvt. Pat Cleary: Well, sometimes I tell lies.
Sgt. Tom McArthur: Shut up, Cleary.

Sgt. Tom McArthur: (when Marty says he was a student) A bit old to be in short pants, Barrington? What happened? They kept you back a couple of grades?
Cpl. Martin Barrington: University student, sargeant.

Sgt. Tom McArthur: You're a Pommie, Harris.
Pvt. Bill Harris: English, Sargeant.
Sgt. Tom McArthur: I've been watching you, Harris. You look like you've been in the Army before.
Pvt. Bill Harris: I was in the Boy Scouts, wouldn't it?
Sgt. Tom McArthur: Is that so?

Pvt. Bill Harris: Blimey! It takes a bleeding war in Europe to make you lots realize you're from the same country.

Sgt. Tom McArthur: This isn't a bloody debating society, Baker. Now Mr. Armstrong wants you (as acting Corporal) and that is it. Right?

Pvt. Roly Collins: (voiceover) One soon learns to expect the unexpected in the Army. On the day we were to leave Australian waters Turkey came into the war on the German side. Instead of the fields of Europe it was the sands of Egypt and then to a place called Gallipoli. We even received a new name, ANZAC. Pat (Cleary) said it sounded like a South American Indian tribe but it stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

Pvt. Roly Collins:(in a letter to Marty who is recuperating from his wounds in a hospital in Lemnos) Dear Martin. The news just came through that you are alive and recovering. It sure lifted the spirits of the old platoon, particularly Dick and Mr. Armstrong. It was a real pleasure at seeing them back to their old selves again, not that there is many faces left, just 11. Things have been pretty lively over here. Not even the generals are safe. Our commander Major General Bridges was killed the other day. A few of the reinforcements showed up well, particularly a bloke called Flanagan. He is sort of like Bill and Pat in a way. He has a nose for trouble and can anticipate. Most of us have had more nicks including yours truly but nothing serious. Oh, and there is some furfee about a big attack so stay in hospital. Pat says only mugs live here. Best from all the boys, even McArthur. Yours, Roly.

Sir Keith Murdoch: Weren't you due for a convalescence?
Cpl. Martin Barrington: Well someone has to look after these blokes.

Episode 2[edit]

Roly, in a French railroad boxcar sees the sign 40 Hommes, 8 Chevaux
Pvt. Roly Collins: Martin, what does that sign say?
Cpl. Martin Barrington: 40 men or 8 horses
Pvt. Roly Collins: The French put a lot of importance on their horses, eh?

Pvt. "Dingo" Gordon: (about Pvt. Wilhelm Schmidt) We've got a bloody Hun here.

Pvt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: My father who brought us out from Germany told us that freedom has its price.

Pvt. Roly Collins: We should not call you Wilhelm. That's the same name as the Kaiser. That is what we should call you, Kaiser Schmidt.

Sgt. Tom McArthur: I should give this back (the Military Medal). You blokes know what really happened.
Cpl. Martin Barrington: I wouldn't. It may the wrong day but it has the right name.

Episode 3[edit]

After new Lt. Max Henshaw unwittingly breaks an unofficial truce
German soldier: Was is los here?
LCpl. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: He wants to know what is going on.
Cpt. Harold Armstrong: Tell him we're sorry. We have a new officer who does not know the rules.

LCpl. Flanagan: We must go, Sargeant!
Sgt. Tom McArthur: Piss off, Flanagan. You get those blokes out while I man the machine gun.

Lt. Martin Barrington: Do you need any help? You can have the reserves.
Sgt. Flanagan: Nah mate the Platoon can do it, there’s gaps in the wire.

Episode 4[edit]

Australian Colonel: (after handing Flanagan his commission) If I see you here again, I'll cut you off at the crown jewels.

LCpl. Pat Cleary: What will they do to you? Will they throw the book at you, mate?
Sgt. Flanagan: Worse, they're making me an officer.

Cpt. Martin Barrington: No one seems to know what they are doing in Amiens.
Lt. General Sir John Monash: No one seems to know what they are doing along the entire Somme front.

Cpt. Martin Barrington: Good man! Good man!
British Sargeant: Would you like to stay and take over
Cpt. Martin Barrington: It would be a pleasure and an honor, Sargeant. Keep digging.

Lt. General Sir John Monash: Why didn't (Capt. Barrington) report in person?
Australian Staff Officer: He says he found fellows with guts enough to dig in so he decided it was right to dig in too.
Lt. General Sir John Monash: Really, what are staff officers coming to?

Nurse Lt. Kate Baker: (to the British soldiers) You seem to know how to arrive in style, do you?
1st British Soldier: It was an Aussie officer who gave us the car.

2nd British Soldier: He was on staff, red armband and all that. But he didn't act like he was on staff.
1st British Soldier: Yea, he acted like he knew what he was doing.

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George: I should not be making these jokes. Lord knows I have nothing to joke about.
Sir Keith Murdoch: Then why so cheerful?
Lloyd George: Pas devant les domestiques.
Sir Keith Murdoch: (translating) "Not before the servants".
Lloyd George: Everything sounds better in French, even my French.

Nurse Lt. Kate Baker: What was he like?
1st British Soldier: He was real nice to us, miss, a real gent.

Nurse Lt. Kate Baker: (reading the chit given to her by the 2nd British soldier) Martin Barrington, Captain. I might have known.

Cpt. Martin Barrington: There is a quote from Napoleon that covers it.
Lt. General Sir John Monash: "There is no such thing as a bad soldier, just bad officers".

Episode 5[edit]

LCpl. Pat Cleary: These Yanks just got here. They look like they've bought the place.

US Sgt.: Got the money and I'm feeling lucky. You got the dice?
US Soldier: Right here.
US Sgt.: OK fellas, who wants some action?

LCpl. Pat Cleary:(Seeing the Americans playing craps) Is it a gambling game?
US Sgt.: Yep.
LCpl. Pat Cleary: For money?
US Sgt.: What do you think this is? Grapefruit?

LCpl. Pat Cleary: Can I play?
US Sgt.: Got any money?
LCpl. Pat Cleary: (showing his money) Got a bit.
US Sgt.: Friend, you are surely welcome.

LCpl. Pat Cleary: (just lost a bundle at Craps) What a stupid game.

Lt. Flanagan: What's with Cleary?
Sgt. Bill Harris: The Yanks cleaned him out at craps.
Lt. Flanagan: Then we do have a morale problem.

Pvt. Roly Collins: Pat, the Germans are over there.
LCpl. Pat Cleary: So are the souvenirs and souvenirs mean money. And I need a bundle if I am to win back all that money I lost at craps.

US Sgt.: (losing at Two Up): What a stupid game.

LCpl. Pat Cleary: (to some Germans he just took prisoner) Where you are going there is lots of thacker, uh food.
German soldier: You have bully beef?
LCpl. Pat Cleary: Crikey! You blokes really are starving.

LCpl. Pat Cleary: No point in leaving the plonk (white wine). Grab four bottles each.
German soldier: Vier Flascher, alle!

German Soldiers: (singing while being marched off by Pat into captivity) It's a long way to Tipperary.

German officer: (just taken prisoner) Dies is schrecklich, unglaublich! Dies ist kein Kreig! (This is awful, incredible! This isn't war!)
Sgt. Wilhelm (Kaiser) Schmidt: Genug! (Enough!)

Brigadier Thomas Blamey: General Pershing (Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces) has his President's authority that the US Army will act under its own commanders.
Lt. General Sir John Monash: Sure wish we had that authority in 1916.

Lt. General Sir John Monash: (to Marty) It is rare to see my staff officers greeted with such affection.
Cpt. Martin Barrington: My old platoon, sir.
Lt. General Sir John Monash: Well it seems they haven't forgotten you.

American Officer: OK fellas, set up by the white line.
Australian Officer: (to Marty) What part of Australia is he from?
Cpt. Martin Barrington: Some little town called Chicago, somewhere in Tasmania.

Sgt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: (about the German prisoners) They say we're Australians and that we fight like animals. I'm not so sure whether that is a compliment or not.

Sgt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: (seeing the Germans' obvious hunger): Wann haben sie zulezt gegessen? (When was the last time you ate?)
German soldier: Wir hatten nicht so gut Essen in zwei Woche.
Sgt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: They haven't had proper rations in a fortnight.

German Officer: Nicht essen Sie das Fleisch. Ihr wehleidigen Feiglinge, kein Wunder dass wir den Krieg verlieren. Sie kussen ihren Eseln für eine Dose von Kuhenfleisch!
LCpl. Pat Cleary: What did he say, Kaiser?
Sgt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: He calls them sniveling cowards. No wonder they are losing the war. They will kiss our arses just for a can of corned beef.

(Pat is about to hit the German officer only to be stopped by Flanagan)
Cpt. Flanagan: He is only doing his job.
LCpl. Pat Cleary: His job!? Well if that is what rank does to a man? (He strips off his chevron from his uniform.)

Cpt. Flanagan: (to the German officer) Your war is over, pal.
German Officer: Nein, wir kommen wieder. Sie werden schon von uns hören. Aber zuerst kümmern wir uns um die Kriegsgewinnler und Bolschewiki zu Hause, wer Deutschland in den Dolch gestochen haben.
Cpt. Flanagan: What did he say?
Sgt. Wilhelm "Kaiser" Schmidt: He says that they will be back and that we will soon hear from them. But first they will take care of the war profiteers and Bolsheviks at home who have stabbed Germany in the back.
Cpt. Flanagan: Ask him he will accept a tin of bully (beef) from me?
German officer: (without waiting for Kaiser to translate) Ja!
He then salutes Flanagan who returns it.

CSM Bill Harris: (Reading from Routine Orders) : Then comes part 2, awards & decorations, 1173 Captain R Flanagan 8th Australian Infantry Battalion, quote, “On the morning of the 3rd of October 1918 Lieutenant Flanagan’s Company came upon a well sighted German Machine Gun position which was disposed to inflict heavy casualties on the unit, with complete disregard for his personal safety Lt Flanagan”
Cpt. Flanagan: STOP!!
CSM Bill Harris: It’s the Victoria Cross.

Roly Collins (voiceover): Australia had not changed. We did.