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Apolo Anton Ohno at the 2006 Winter Olympics with his gold medal

Apolo Anton Ohno (born May 22, 1982) is an American short track speed skating competitor and a two-time gold medalist in the Winter Olympics. He also competed in and won the reality TV show, Dancing with the Stars in 2007.[1]


  • To be able to come out of that mess as I did is special. To be able to improve my relations with my dad is special. I'm happy with the way my life's going, the way I'm growing up as a person. Skating has changed me. I've had a lot of chances, and this is my time to shine.
    • Prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics
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  • Mentally speaking, it sucks, man. Who wants to prepare their whole life and have it all taken away by some guy who just made a bad pass? But that's the beauty of the sport as well. Anything can happen.
    • On speedskating
    • Gordon, Devin (2006-01-23), "APOLO ANTON OHNO: SPEED SKATING". Newsweek. 147 (4):48


  • I always end up in the bathroom, doing his hair.
    • Yuki Ohno, Apolo's dad and hair stylist
    • Price, S.L. (2002) "Launch of Apolo" Sports Illustrated (accessed May 24, 2007)


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