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Arachnophobia is a 1990 American comedy-horror film about a species of South American killer spider that hitches a lift to a small town in the U.S. in a coffin and starts to breed and kill.

Directed by Frank Marshall. Written by Don Jakoby and Wesley Strick.
Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude. Taglines

Dr. Ross Jennings[edit]

  • Respect is fine, but actually I've always wanted to be feared.
  • Come on, let's go find that spider. And let's find your mom to take care of that spider. Honey, we're in the living room. We need you to kill a spider.
  • [after electrocuting a spider] Therapy.
  • Milt, why don't you cover the living room. [sighs] Chris, why don't you check out back. And uh Lloyd, take the kitchen. And I'll just uh, I'll oversee the uh, I'll just coordinate the uh, I'll just stay right here.
  • [hears a spider in the pipes] The itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
  • [while throwing wine at the spider] Not the Chateau!

Delbert McClintock[edit]

  • [after killing a spider] Yeah, that's right, I'm bad!
  • [attacking a large group of spiders] ROCK AND ROLL!
  • [discovering Dr. Atherton hanging cocooned and covered in spiders] Oh my god...They got the professor!

Dr. James Atherton[edit]

  • In this first generation, the original male also produced a queen, and together they will construct a primary nest which the queen will guard. But eventually, she will create reproductive offspring of her own. And when that happens, this town is dead... and the next town... and the next town... and the next one, and so on.
  • [On seeing the giant web covered in various dead animals] have been busy.
  • [stroking the web] Supper's, ready...come and get it [hears a screech and turns too late to see a giant spider leaping onto his neck and screams as it sinks its fangs into his neck]


Dr. Atherton: [flicks an ant off Manley's knee] 24 hour ant.
Jerry Manley: They bite?
Dr. Atherton: They kill, Mr. Manley. In sufficient numbers.

Dr. Atherton: What's your specialty, Manley?
Jerry Manley: Football.

Jerry Manley: So how long will it take us to get back to camp?
Dr. Atherton: What's the matter? You still worried about dinosaurs?

Dr. Jennings: In my opinion...
Margaret Hollins: In my opinion, Dr. Metcalf isn't aware of the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground

Henry Beechwood: Bobby here, he's a, he's a Bronco star quarterback.
Bobby Beechwood: Hi.
Molly Jennings: Hi.
Henry Beechwood: I taught him to throw a football before he could walk. I coach the team.
Molly Jennings: Nepotism huh?
Edna Beechwood: Actually, we're Baptists.

Molly Jennings: I'm sure you knew exactly what you were doing when you took Margaret off those pills.
Dr. Jennings: Like I knew what I was doing when I chose this town... with the country doctor from hell!

Dr. Jennings: What do you want to bet they're going to go chase fireflies?
Bunny: Want to blow up a bullfrog?
Shelley: Okay.

Molly Jennings: What's wrong?
Dr. Jennings: Metcalf - he's having a seizure.
Molly Jennings: Thank God you didn't examine him this morning.

Sheriff Parsons: Excuse me. Professor? This is our town exterminator.
Delbert McClintock: Delbert McClintock, infestation management. Always nice to meet a collegue.
Sheriff Parsons: Now, he believes he came across one of the offending spiders a couple of hours ago.
Dr. Atherton: Might you have brought it with you?
Delbert McClintock: Actually, he's probably still at the bottom of my shoe. You really can't tell what it is anymore.

[noticing the dead spider Lloyd took out of the cereal box]
Milt: What could have killed it?
Ross: The shock of seeing Lloyd?

Delbert McClintock: Would anybody object if I tore this floor out?
Molly Jennings: I would.
Delbert McClintock: False alarm then. Lead on.

Delbert McClintock: Spiders would find your barn a tad breezy this time of year. In that respect, spiders are a bit like you and me. No, I frankly doubt there are any spiders in your barn.
Dr. Jennings: Well, I frankly know there is, Delbert. I saw a web! There is a web in my barn!
Delbert McClintock: ...a web would indicate an arachnoid presence.

Dr. Jennings: Chris, I'm scared to death.
Chris Collins: Yeah, we all are, but our brains secrete a neurotransmitter that enables us to deal with them.
Dr. Jennings: I don't think I have that particular neurotransmitter.


  • Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude.
  • The suspense of Alien! The excitement of Jaws! The fun of Back To The Future!


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