Ludovico Ariosto

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Ludovico Ariosto

Ludovico Ariosto (8 September 14746 July 1533) was an Italian poet, author of the epic poem Orlando furioso (1516), "Orlando Enraged".


Orlando Furioso (1516)[edit]

  • Natura il fece, e poi roppe la stampa.
    • Nature made him, and then broke the mould.
    • Canto X, stanza 84.
    • Variant translation: When Nature stamp'd him, she the die destroy'd.
  • For rarely man escapes his destiny.
    • Canto XVIII, stanza 58.
  • But that he wrought so high the specious tale,
    As manifested plainly 'twas a lie.
    • Canto XVIII, stanza 84.
  • Che quant' era più ornata, era più brutta.
    • Who seems most hideous when adorned the most.
    • Canto XX, stanza 116.
  • Ordina l'uomo e Dio dispone.
    • Man proposes, and God disposes.
    • Canto XLVI, stanza 35.

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