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Arnold Wall (15 November 1869 – 29 March 1966) was a New Zealand university professor, philologist, poet, mountaineer, botanist, writer and radio broadcaster.


  • While the dull talk idly streams,
    He sits upon the bank and dreams,
    Till some careless word that's said
    Finds a fellow in his head...
    • Poem: "The Wit" In: A.E. Currie. New Zealand Verse, (1906), p. 198
  • A time will come, a time will come,
    (Though the world will never be quite the same),
    When the people sit in the summer sun,
    Watching, watching the beautiful game.
    • Poem: A Time Will Come (1915); Cited in: John Arlott, ‎Fred Trueman (1971) Arlott and Trueman on cricket. p. 173
    • He is referring to cricket; later, "the beautiful game" was used to describe football.

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