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Aron Brand Auraban (21 February 191022 April 1977), born in Ozorków, Poland, was an Israeli paediatric cardiologist. He served as chairman of the Israel Medical Association in Jerusalem, Israel, and founded the Jerusalem Academy of Medicine.


  • It is clear today that a pediatrician must also be an educator. And surely there is joy in both tasks, as they are the most wonderful that can be imagined. We are entrusted with the care of the child, a fresh young creature who before our very eyes thrives and grows, one may even say flowers. It is given to us to accompany him from day to day and from hour to hour, from childhood to youth and adolescence along a shining and upward path. It is given to us to impart to him not only what is defined as the task as education - the culture passed down throughout the generations - but also health, strength and joy of life.
    • The Problems of Pediatrics in Israel. Child Health in Israel, pp. 9-13, 1971.

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