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Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Travers Harris, 1st Baronet (13 April 18925 April 1984) was a British air marshal during World War II.


  • The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.
  • We are going to scourge the Third Reich from end to end. We are bombing Germany city by city and ever more terribly in order to make it impossible for her to go on with the war. That is our object, and we shall pursue it relentlessly.
  • I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining cities of Germany as worth the bones of one British Grenadier.
  • In spite of all that happened at Hamburg, bombing proved a relatively humane method.

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