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Ash Sarkar in 2021

Ashna Sarkar (born 1992) is a British journalist and self-described libertarian communist political activist. She is a senior editor at Novara Media and teaches at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Sarkar is a contributor to The Guardian and The Independent.


  • I'm on Team Hate.
    • Reportedly said at "Take Back Control", an element of the Momentum festival, "The World Transformed" (April 2017), as cited in "Left aimed hate at Philip May" The Sunday Times (26 November 2017). A campaign proposal against Philip May, the husband of then Conservative prime minister Theresa May.
  • No ones saying that Jewish people don’t experience racism. That’s obviously true, especially online. But unlike me, you can *also* benefit from white privilege.
  • The unfortunate truth is that, sometimes, the only thing that separates an anonymous troll and a journalist is a byline. Some of the worst abuse I’ve received is either from journalists or the direct consequence of their actions in spreading misinformation about me.
  • The Titanic submarine is a modern morality tale of what happens when you have too much money, and the grotesque inequality of sympathy, attention and aid for those without it.

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