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Ashraf Ali Thanwi (1862–1943) was an Indian Sunni Islamic scholar, author, jurist and a Sufi mentor of the Chishti order. He was an alumnus of the Darul Uloom Deoband, and authored several hundred books including Bayan Ul Quran and Bahishti Zewar.


  • People are excessively obsessed with dreams. Their concern for things which they dream is greater than their concern for things which effect them during their state of wakefulness. How confused are they!
    • Ashraf Ali Thanwi (2015), Hayatul Muslimeen, Adam Publishers and Distributors, p. 220
  • The primary purpose of Tasawwuf is the reformation of the actions of the heart.
    • Amir Bashir (December 2015). Muhammad Anwar Khan Qasmi (ed.). "Deobandi Sūfi Doctrine: Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Tasawwuf within the Context of Tawhīd and Sunnah". Islamic Literature Review. Deoband: Deoband Institute of Islamic Thought. 2 (2): 3.
  • Knowledge prevents one from going astray because of the realization of the truth. This in itself is a great treasure.
    • Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Hayātul Muslimeen p. 4
  • Lowering oneself, which is called Tawaadhu’ (humilty), is a great and valuable asset. To achieve this quality, many of the servants of Allah abandoned their kingdom and empire. They didn’t care in the least what people thought of them. Surely, humility must then be a much-prized quality so that people gave it preference to it over the entire world!
    • Discourses of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi, Islamic Promotions,p.9
  • A scholar is an adherent of the Sunnah.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, The road to Allāh, p. 7
  • The seeking of wealth for a valid reasons is exhorted and is full of significance. Lawful wealth too plays its part in the acquisition of peace of mind, which is an end desired by the religion.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Hayātul Muslimeen , p.44
  • To assume a task beyond one’s capability is not proper for a Mu’min. The consequence will be failure, disgrace, worry, and shame. Frustration will then overtake one.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Hayātul Muslimeen p. 66
  • Without the head, man is a dead body. So too, without prayers, all other acts of worship are lifeless.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Hayātul Muslimeen p.71
  • "Remembrance creates and strengthens a special bond between man and His Creator."
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Hayātul Muslimeen p.80
  • Mosques  are  not  places  for mundane  activities.  Mosques  are  erected  purely  for  the  remembrance and worship  of  Allah.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Hayātul Muslimeen p.76
  • "The reality of character is that we must not cause any form of difficulty and inconvenience to anyone, outwardly or inwardly, in his presence or in his absence."
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī (Kamālāt-e-Ashrafiyyah, p.93,)
  • If by practicing on any form of piety, someone’s heart will be broken, then practice on the fatwa (verdict of the scholars). At such occasions, to protect one’ piety is not permissible e.g. If, in accepting any gift, there is disgrace for you and honour for your brother, then give preference to his honour over yours.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Kamālāt-e-Ashrafiyyah p.93
  • The enthusiasm which I had for debating in my young days is now replaced by as much aversion for it because of its harms.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Ashraf-as-sawānih p. 39
  • I developed enthusiasm for Dīn - of which tahajjud is one branch.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Ashraf-as-sawānih p. 28
  • Energizing one's intellect and disposition is not the way to success. The kindness of the Master cannot be achieved without humility.
    • Ashraf Ali Thānwī, Ashraf-as-sawānih p.41
  • Scholars are much needed as they are the backbone of religion. Scholars are more needed than Saints otherwise no one would know the religious ordinances and limits.
    • Ashraf Alī Thānwī, The life and teaching of Mawlānā Ashraf Alī Thānwī p.26
  • Saints (Sufis) are like elder brothers and Senior scholars (Fuqaha) are like father in respect.
    • Ashraf Alī Thānwī, The life and teaching of Mawlānā Ashraf Alī Thānwī ,p. 27
  • Keep intellect above your habits, and Shari'ah above your intellect.
    • Ashraf Alī Thānwī, The life and teaching of Mawlānā Ashraf Alī Thānwī , p. 37

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