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Assembly is a 2007 Chinese war drama depicting a communist army captain upholding the honour of his company during the Chinese Civil War.

Directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring Zhang Hanyu.
Every sacrifice deserves to be immortalised

Gu Zidi[edit]

  • [Persuading GMT forces to surrender] Brothers of the Chiang Army's 168 Division, greetings from the Captain of the Central Plain army's Independent 2nd division's 139th regiment's 3rd battalion for the whole 9th company. You have been surrounded, fighting on like this will do no good to either side, we have two treats for you. One is bullets, one is dumplings. We will keep them coming if you want fo fight on, and when you had enough, come and trade your rifles for a pair of chopsticks, the 9th company will sit down with the brothers, we can all eat dumplings!
  • [To Wang Jinchun, who is solely frightened in the final battle] If you are afraid, Shout! It works and fights off the fear!
  • We don't know [Korean], but the Americans don't goddamned know, either.
  • He stepped on a landmine-simida! [made-to-believe Korean phrase, which is really Mandarin, in order to trick the American tank crew]
  • [Taking the landmine for Zhao] The Bugle call rings in my ears, it never stops playing. All my men heard it, but I didn't, I might as well be dead, so I can see my 47 brothers again.
  • [Enraged of the truth about their defeat] You were afraid of being bitten to death!? What about us!? our Ninth Company?


  • If you didn't hear the bugle call, even if you are the last man left. You must keep fighting. [Liu to Gu Zidi]
  • Wow, that sucks for you. [The American tank crew, after seeing Zhao stepping on the landmine]

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