Atelier Iris II

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This is a page for quotes on the videogame Atelier Iris II by NIS America.


  • Listen up you random encounter!
  • I hate ghosts, you can't kick them.

Stone Lithographs[edit]

  • Creation. That which, for the sake of life, has no beginning or end. Those who understand have all the power they need.
  • Dark. The playground of imagination. What brings fear may also bring comfort.
  • Dream. An intangible fog that surrounds human life. But without it, none can exist.
  • Fire. The source of progress. The power to improve human life with good judgment or impair it with bad judgment.
  • Fragrance. The invisible beauty of eternal reminiscence.
  • Life. Like a glass, those that are filled to the brim are usually short.
  • Light. The source of human knowledge. Much like wisdom, light is not without limits.
  • Metal. The foundation of all alchemy. It's purpose is solely dependent on humans.
  • Poison. The sweet nectar of eternal rest. The gentle way to confront thine enemies.
  • Sound. That which gives life to experiences. Without it, existence may seem like a vast open desert.
  • Stone. Sealing the bond between humans and Mana. With the stone, eternal peace is possible.
  • Water. The sound of life. The power to give and take life, as determined by a single mana.
  • Wind. Eternal longing. Every landbound creature longs to ride the winds.
  • Wood. With coexistent growth, it is a shelter for life. Though it cannot speak it demands respect.

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