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Atomic Betty (known as Atomic Betty: Mission Earth for the third season) is a Canadian-French animated science fantasy television series produced by Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids.

Season 1[edit]

Atomic Roger[edit]

Maximus: How much longer is this going to take?
Minimus: I trying to capture to your good side sir. It's not so easy!
Maximus: Show me what you've done?
Minimus: I think it's quite a good likeness myself.
Maximus: I Want more than just a foot! I Want a giant gold statue a hundred feet high prodclamming my glory to all the galaxy!
Minimus: But we've only stolen enough gold for the foot! uhh, and one ear.
Maximus: Then STEAL MORE GOLD!

Maximus: Who is this new guardian who foled my plan?!
Minimus: Oh! Atomic Roger, sir? HE'S RUNNING EVERYTHING?! Though he does have fantasic hair.
Maximus: Huh? Who case about this hair?! Behold! Let's see this Atomic Roger stop my new army of gold filtering robots! (laughs) FLY, MY PRETTES, FLY!

Betty: C'mon guys! I'm not afraid to get dirty?!
Maxmius: With that hair I'm not surprised.

Maximus: That girl was bad enough, with that Roger?!
Minimus: (Sycophant) Isn't he dreamy? (Grumbler) Eh... I mean... what a jerk!

Sparky: This is it! Maximus' Robots are robbing this gold mines of Abraxax 4!
Betty: X-5, get us into hyperspace... and both of you, stop looking at my hair!

Toxic Talent[edit]

Maximus: I know that voice...
Minimus: Sounds like Betty... she's not bad.

Maximus: Betty. Welcome to my dance party.
Minimus: Except you weren't invited. *Burps*
Maximus: Watch your manners.

Betty: What in the cosmos is that?!

But the Cat Came Back[edit]

Lost in Spa[edit]

Spindly Tam Kanushu[edit]

Science Fair[edit]

Furball for the Sneeze[edit]

Maximus Displeasure[edit]

The Doppelganger[edit]

Cosmic Cake[edit]

Attack of the Evil Baby[edit]

Space Brains[edit]

When Worlds Collide[edit]

The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia[edit]

The Great Race[edit]

Poached Egg[edit]

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