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Atomic Betty (known as Atomic Betty: Mission Earth for the third season) is an animated television series produced by Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids.

Season 1[edit]

Atomic Roger[edit]

Maximus: How much longer is this going to take?
Minimus: I'm trying to capture your good side, sir. It's not so easy!
Maximus: Show me what you've done.
Minimus: I think it's quite a good likeness myself.
Maximus: I want more than just a FOOT! I want a giant gold statue a hundred feet high, proclaiming my evil glory to all the galaxy!
Minimus: But we've only stolen enough gold for the foot. And one ear.
Maximus: Then steal more GOLD!

Sparky: This is it! Maximus's robots are robbing the gold mines of Abraxax Four!
Betty: X-5, get us into hyperspace! And both of you stop looking at my hair!

Roger: Listen, Kitty-- And please, please SHUT UP!
Betty: It's Betty.
Roger: Right. Cathy, it's been a thrill chatting with you, but I really have to go now.

(He gives her a card.)

Roger: Here. My hairstylist. You need to call her right away.

Betty: I hope no one is looking at my hair.

(Sparky and X-5 look away, whistling.)

Maximus: Who is this new Guardian who foiled my plans!?
Minimus: Oh. Atomic Roger, sir. He's running everything! Though he does have fantastic hair.
Maximus: Huh? Who cares about his hair!? Behold! Let's see this Atomic Roger stop my new army of gold-pilfering robots! Fly, my pretties, fly!

Betty: This is getting ridiculous! How am I supposed to save the day if he's always getting here first!?
Sparky: I'm telling you, it's the hair.

Maximus: Ugh. That girl is bad enough. But that ROGER!?
Minimus: Ooh, isn't he dreamy? Gah! I mean, what a jerk!

Maximus: Look at the fool! No one dares to stop me!
Betty: Come on, boys! I'm not afraid to get a little dirty!
Maximus: With that hair, I'm not surprised.

Toxic Talent[edit]

X-5: Colosians are the environmental police of the cosmos. Their sensitivity is matched only by their commitment to peace and love.
Sparky: No wonder Maximus hates them!

Betty: What in the cosmos is that!?

Maximus: Aha. Atomic Betty. Welcome to my dance party.
Minimus: Except YOU weren't invited! (Burps)
Maximus: Watch your manners.

Minimus: Ooh, nice shot!
Maximus: I don't have time to play these RIDICULOUS games! I'm trying to take over the universe.
Minimus: Yes, your gameship.

Maximus: Game, set and match! Mwahahahahahaha!

Dalton: Where did you get those extra chords, Betty?
Betty: Out of a manual. Called "Guitar Playing For Idiots"!
Osbournes: All right!

Maximus: I know that voice!
Minimus: Ooh. Sounds like Atomic Betty. She's not bad.

But the Cat Came Back[edit]

Sparky: Why couldn't she own a rabbit?

Sparky: Jumping Jupiter!

Lost in Spa[edit]

X-5: And when I was nine, I was sent to Camp Positron and bullied by a satellite dish.

Sparky: What have you done to our commander!?
Maximus: Oh dear! It appears he's been cryogenically frozen. Who could have done such a dastardly deed? Oh, that's right. It was me.

Maximus: What!?
Minimus: Juice break, union rules.

Employee: I said we hold that position until I say so!
Maximus & Minimus: Yes, ma'am......

Spindly Tam Kanushu[edit]

Betty: I have to go.
Penelope: Late for your plastic surgeon?

Minimus: Oh, bravo! Encore! Encore! Hmph. I've seen better.

Spindly Tam Kanushu: Take good care of Freddie here. I've got to take the show on the road. Well! I'm off! Come on, boys!

Science Fair[edit]

Maximus: "Maxi-Mmm" pet food is never watered down. Because Maximus hates water. Your Zanthian Zibret will love "Maxi-Mmm" pet food. It's fit for a king, whether your kingdom is a litter box, or....the universe! Mwahahahaha! Antoine Lucci: Cut! Brilliant! A work of a genius! That would be me, Antoine Lucci. You were good too, Maximus. I laughed, I cried.

(Wave splashes over Maximus's ship.)
Maximus: Aaaaaaaaaah!

(He cowers.)

Minimus: Heh heh heh!
Maximus: You didn't see that. I HATE WATER!!!

Furball for the Sneeze[edit]

Maximus Displeasure[edit]

The Doppelganger[edit]

Cosmic Cake[edit]

Attack of the Evil Baby[edit]

Space Brains[edit]

When Worlds Collide[edit]

The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia[edit]

The Great Race[edit]

Poached Egg[edit]

Max Land[edit]

[during a rollercoaster ride, one of the weapons incinerated the vehicle]
X-5: I suddenly lost my attraction for this attraction.

Betty: [running] Sparky, I'll save you!
[Scene changes to Betty being carried away by two robots]
Robot: You are being disruptive and we must ask you to leave. We hoped you've enjoyed your stay at Max Land.

Sparky: Craters! I'm gonna miss it!

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