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Endō Atsujin(Japanese: 遠藤曰人), also Endō Etsujin or Watsujin, (1758 – April 13, 1836) was a Japanese haiku poet, haiga painter, and fencer.


  • Going up to them,
    Not a pine-tree
    But has its bright moon.
  • Earth and metal ...
    although my breathing ceases
    time and tide go on.
    • Japanese Death Poems. Compiled by Yoel Hoffmann; Quoted in: Jody J. Fiorini, ‎Jodi Ann Mullen. Counseling Children and Adolescents Through Grief and Loss. 2006. p. 15

Quotes about Atsujin[edit]

  • The poet's name... is pronounced in two other ways : Watsujin and Atsujin although the true pronunciation of... is etsu. It is not known how the poet pronounced his name.
    • Asatarō Miyamori. An anthology of haiku, ancient and modern, 1932. p. 570
  • Watsujin (1758–1836). A poet in the Kyo ̄tai tradition, Watsujin was a samurai from Sendai who wrote haiku under a variety of art names.
    • Stephen Addiss, ‎Fumiko Y. Yamamoto, ‎Akira Y. Yamamoto. Haiku: An Anthology of Japanese Poems. 2009. p.
  • Endō Etsujin - real name: Endō Sadanori: azana: Fuminori, Izunosuke; gō: Chikurinsah. Etsujin, Atsujin, Gugenan, Fuzanō, Seiemon, Yūan (1758, 1836). haiga painter, haiku poet, fencer...
    • Japanese Biographical Index. 2013. p. 93

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