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Władysław Ślewiński, Portrait of August Strindberg, 1896, National Museum in Warsaw

Johan August Strindberg (22 January 1849 – 14 May 1912) was a Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter.


  • I'd love to see the whole of your sex swimming in a sea of blood. The way I feel I could drink out of your skull. I could eat your heart roasted whole! You think I'm weak! My father will come home - find his money stolen! He'll send for the sheriff - and I'll tell him everything. Then there'll be peace and quiet ... forever.
  • Kierkegaard is not regarded as a philosopher, nor are Feuerbach and his pupil Nietzsche, but they are extraordinarily instructive. All who construct an empty system with facts are fools. Such is Bostrom, who tries to subtilise conceptions, analyse ideas, and classify and arrange God, man, and human life under heads.
    • Zones of the Spirit: A Book of Thoughts by August Strindberg
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