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Austin & Ally (2011–2016) is an American comedy television series which aired on Disney Channel.

Season 1[edit]

Rockers & Writers (2011)[edit]

Ally: I can't believe he stole my song! He messed with the wrong girl!
Trish: That's right! Get angry! Me likey!
Ally: (Types something on her phone and it beeps.) There! Allycat109 doesn't like this video. Yeah! Whoo!
Trish: Calm down before you type a frowny face and really hurt his feelings...

Austin: Who am I kidding... My dad always said that my chances of being famous were one in a million....
Ally: That's exactly what my dad said to me.
Dez: You know what my dad always says? "Dez! Stop texting the dog!"

Kangaroos & Chaos (2011)[edit]

Ally: I can't just spit out a song any time you want me to. Lyrics don't just flow out of me like a river after a rain of tears! Oh... That's good! (Runs over, grabs her book and writes it down)
Austin: Hey, Ally. Maybe you should write that... so we can actually read it this time. (Ally glares at him)
Dez: Yeah... Miss Calligraphy Camp... (Laughs at her)
Ally: Oh. (Scribbles something in her book) Can you read this?
Dez: (Looks at it) Yes, I can... And that is not a nice word!

Ally: (Referring to the kangaroo in her practice room) Aww, he is so cute. (Stops walking towards him) Aww, I just stepped in kangaroo poop...
Dez: Hey, don't just assume it was the kangaroo... Trish was in here earlier....
Trish: (Smiles at him) I will smack those freckles right off your face...

Dez: Someone needs to mop up all this Trish poop.
Trish: Keep it up, and someone's gonna need to mop up all your freckles!
Dez: My freckles are my friends! Can you say that about your poop?!

Secrets & Songbooks (2011)[edit]

Ally: (Sees Austin and picks up a life-size Austin doll and begins to kiss it) Mwah, Austin. Mwah, Austin. Mwah!
Austin: Uhh, Ally?
Ally: (Turns around) Oh, hey Austin...
Austin: Is that doll supposed to be me?
Ally: Ummm, yes. I was just practicing what to do if you got bit by a poisonous snake. It could happen, ohhhhhh....

Austin: Hey, Ally! (Walks in all sweaty and orange)
Ally: Oh, hey Austin.
Austin: Check out my fake tan...
Ally: Ugh, I hate fake tans.
Austin: Really? I did not know that! (Shows off his sweaty underarms)
Ally: Ugh, almost as much as I hate sweaty guys...
Austin: Also did not know that! (Dez walks in)
Dez: Austin, you look different.
Austin: Yeah, cuz I'm orange... and I'm sweaty....
Dez: (Shakes his head) No...

Zaliens & Cloud Watchers [1.4][edit]

[a movie theater ushed accuses Austin & Ally of littering]
Walter: Look what I found underneath your seat. Recognize this?
Ally: Uh, yeah. It's popcorn.
Walter: Ah-HAH! How would you know that if you didn't litter?
Ally: Because we've seen popcorn before.

Ally: Hi, Dez. What are you supposed to be? An alien zombie?
Dez: No, a zombie alien. I'm a Zalien. Characters from my favorite movies of all time. Zaliens 1, Zaliens 2, Zaliens 3, Zaliens 4, Zaliens 5, Zaliens 7...
Ally: [interrupting] Ah-ah-ah, you forgot Zaliens 6.
Dez: Ugh, that movie stinks. I wish I could forget it.

Bloggers & Buterflies (2012)[edit]

Austin: I can't believe this website, it's so embarrassing!

Trish: That's HaterGirl. She writes about everything she hates in Miami...I like her!

Ally: But now she's posting bad things about Austin!

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