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Automan is an American soft science fiction superhero television series produced by Glen A. Larson. It aired for 12 episodes (although 13 were made) on ABC between 1983 and 1984. It consciously emulates the stylistic trappings of the Walt Disney Pictures live-action film, Tron, in the context of a superhero TV series. The series was later shown in reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Opening sequence

Automan: [as narrator] This is the story of Walter Nebicher, doing what he likes best: fighting crime in the streets. You see, Walter's a policeman. Unfortunately, the Chief doesn't want Walter on the streets.
Walter Nebicher: Captain...
The Chief: Get back to your cage, boy. Now!
Automan: [as narrator] So Walter must fight crime in his own way – in the computer room. That's where he's an expert. Fortunately for me, Walter's advanced knowledge of electronics led him to experiment with what is called a hologram. That's a very fancy word for a three-dimensional picture that, when perfected, can be made to look real, sound real. As a matter of fact, given enough power, it can even be made to feel real. That's kind of what got me into this world. My name is Automan.
Automan: You must be Walter Nebicher.
Walter: How did you know that?
Automan: It's on the programming you fed into my system. I must say, Walter, you're very good. Very good, indeed. I look wonderful.
Walter: If you do say so yourself.
Automan: You programmed me to be honest, but tell me: Why did you call me Automan?
Walter: It means that you're the world's first truly automatic man. You can do anything because you're not real.
Automan: Oh, but I am. I'm as real as you are; just different. And thanks to you – perfect.
Walter: Nobody's perfect, Automan.
Automan: That's not true, Walter. You've programmed me to observe other people and do whatever they can do as well as they can do it. Jimmy Connors playing tennis. John Travolta dancing. In fact, on a scale of one to ten, think of me as an... eleven.
Walter: I've created a monster!
Automan: [as narrator] No... what Walter really created was a wonderful force for good. Automan. That's me.


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