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Ave Maryam is a 2019 Indonesian drama film, revolving around a Catholic sister and pastor engaging in a forbidden romantic relationship. The film, which lacked speech, won two awards and was a failed candidate for the Indonesian entry of the 92nd Academy Awards.

Romo Yosef[edit]

  • [looking at a graveyard, indirectly talking to Maryam] If we are scared of death, we soon realized we are still alive. Pride becomes the most cherished thing in this world.
  • Those who get themselves involved in the miracles given to others will never find the miracles given to them.
  • Why bother questioning whether we have sinned, if God can only be met through questions?


  • [to Yosef] Everything has its limits, Romo.
  • [to Yosef, when asked to go out; sounded annoyed] Sorry, it's night time.


As time passes, he grew and grew and became a stronger person. Until one day, when he decides to be a pastor. And to him, if it is what he is, make it a better thing to have.
  • [to Romo Yosef regarding his seemingly-romantic friendship with Maryam] If our lives are controlled by desires, that will be the most deadly sin. Never promise something you can't keep or imagine.
  • [to Maryam after her romantic relationship with Yosef is exposed. Maryam is crying in front of her] I know what you are feeling now. Trying to keep the vow, but always fall into the hole of Sin. If Heaven is undecided for me, why should I meddle in your anguish?
  • Not all lies are sins. Let your prayer be your secret, as in how you let your sins be your secret.


  • [to Yosef on Maryam's fall into sin] Sometimes people think they know what they're doing, but the truth is, they don't. [silence] Romo, God is never wrong. Sometimes, it's the humans who fucked it up in the process.


[At a diner, Yosef and Maryam are having a dinner. An English film is playing in the background, which in the film, acts as a ventriloquism dummy]

Woman: So, tell me a bit more about yourself.

Man: I'm afraid there's nothing more to tell.

Woman: Why?

Man: Because I never knew my parents.

Woman: Do you like music? Life is sometimes like a piano.

Man: I think music can exist without the world, but the world cannot exist without music.

Woman: And what about your love?

[Sometime later after her leaving, Maryam goes to the church to confess her sins. Unbeknownst to her, Yosef is the one hearing her]

Maryam: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Yosef: Tell me, what has worried you.

Maryam: Father, on the road of following you, oh Jesus Christ, I met someone who filled my heart, a soulless one. That through warmth and love colored my life. And that made my actions the opposite of your wishes. I fell in love with a pastor. I hated myself for this. I beg your mercy over my weakness. [cries uncontrollably]


Yosef: Now declare your forgiveness, in the name of Christ, and I will forgive you, in the name of Christ.

Maryam: God the Great, I regret my sins. If I were to be punished by You, especially since I have belittled you, the Loving the Merciful to me. I hated myself. I beg your mercy, and I promise not to sin again. God, forgive me, the Sinned. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

[Yosef is unable to respond, he falls, crying, whilst needing to remain silent to seal his identity]


You are what I believe

You are a matter to conceive

The Sacred Heart...

Above the sky....

Lay your hands softer than air

Hold me nothing can compare

Who says loving is a sin?

Forever let this never end

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