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Edward Irving Wortis (born 23 December 1937), more widely known by his pen name Avi, is a prominent American author of young adult and children's literature. He is a winner of both the Newbery Honor and Newbery Medal.


Perloo The Bold (1998)[edit]

The Sayings of Mogwat the Magpie:

If you learn to know your enemy before you hate him, you may learn not to have an enemy.
Too often a Montmer will take one today over three yesterdays and two tomorrows.
To see the world with the eyes of others is to stand atop a new mountain.
Knowing the length of a Montmer’s ear won’t tell you if he can listen.
Better to live with ten Montmers in uneasy peace than one in a war.
When you take one backward hop it requires two hops to go forward.
You are never more alone when you are followed by many.
Fear not the weak, only they try to hide their weaknesses.
Nothing in the world is so small that the sun cannot warm it.
Truth is often painful to speak but soothing to live.
Of all things the hardest to keep is a promise.
Lies fly then fall. Truth hops but keeps going.
Of all challenges the greatest is to be yourself.
They who pine for the past, fear the future.
A life without a challenge is a life not lived.
Life is given. The rest one gives oneself.
Ignorance is the cruelest weather.
Only the dead have no choices.
The future begins in the past.

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