Awadeya Mahmoud

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Awadeya Mahmoud

Awadeya Mahmoud Koko Sudanese and the founder and chairperson of the Women's Food and Tea Sellers' Cooperative and the Women's Multi-Purpose Cooperative for Khartoum state, Sudan. On 28 March 2016, the United States Department of State announced her as one of the recipients of the International Women of Courage Award for that year.


  • I am optimistic because, unlike in the 1985 revolution, all of Sudan is participating. The new president will have to be fair with men and women.
    • [1] on the new president
  • Do anything to help, even if it’s just chanting and clapping against the regime.
    • [2] on convincing her husband on joining the protest

Quotes about Awedeya Mahmoud[edit]

  • Steadfast efforts to promote legal reform and to advance economic empowerment for women in Sudan.
    • [3] Kerry hailed her

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