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Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki (born October 2, 1978) is a Japanese pop singer.


  • It is necessary that I am viewed as a product. I am a product.
  • I don't have dreams. How can I say it? I myself am a dream.
  • I don't set goals. Like, that's what I want to be doing however many years from now. I do what I love to do at the moment.
  • I thought Mommy's life was strange, not mine.
  • My job is simply to be myself, to be Ayumi Hamasaki.
  • [...]Everyone has a secret. Right? Of course I have a secret. I think maybe you too?
  • I don't want to become adult!
  • If people will listen, I will go anywhere in the world!
  • Music is my life, if I am without music or if I can't sing any more, I die, I'm nothing...because music is everything.
  • [...] I don't know my future. I don't know about tomorrow. I can just control for today or present, right now. [...] I don't want to think about future too much, because present is most important for me.
    • Interview with TalkAsia, November 2007
  • …I guess the very first thing is to own your true self, and that includes achieving the point of not lying to others; the first step should be not lying to yourself.
    • Interview with Cawaii, December 2007


A Song for XX[edit]

  • By your faith in people, you will someday be betrayed.
    I thought it was the same as being rejected.
    At the time I didn't have that kind of strength.
    Certainly, I knew too much.
    It was said that I was a strong child.
    I was praised, saying "you must have strength not to cry"
    The more things like that were said,
    the more even laughing was painful.
    • A Song for XX


  • The lovers, appearing happy,
    walk, holding hands.
    Though it appears everything is perfect,
    only they know the truth.
  • Who taught me true strength?
    Who taught me kindness?
    Whom do I walk for?
    Who did I want to stroke my hair?
    Who didn't give up for me?
    I'll never forget.
    • Who...
  • When I lost my way, and
    When the road was too long,
    I was muttering to myself.
    Life is just that way...
    • Who...
  • Today's happy face, today's sad face.
    Yesterday, a weak self, tomorrow, a strong self.
    If it's you, who are you showing it to?
    If it's I, whom should I show it to?


  • Everyone, including I, is certain
    that "that thing" they're searching for
    is in the future.
    But how many people have realized
    that "that" is actually in the past?
    I can't even guess.
    • Duty
  • I saw the end of an age
    with these, my eyes.
    But I didn't want to know
    that it's my turn next.
    • Duty
  • Choosing only the things you like
    isn't irresponsible.
    If you can't find anything you like
    then why take the responsibility?
    I take only the possibilities that I'm ready to accept.
  • If you don't need it, then
    it is useless to be compassionate.
    If it's important then
    it will probably be followed with pain.
    Loneliness that you feel with someone is worse
    than one you feel
    • Surreal
  • This year, once again, the seasons have passed.
    Memories have faded.
    The border between my blurry dream and
    reality has become blurred.
    Even so, the dream I once told you of
    did not have a single lie.
  • Today was very sad,
    and even if tomorrow, I cry,
    someday I will be able to laugh
    and remember our time together.
    How many seasons must pass,
    in this, our finite existence?
    If we live in the "now",
    what will we find?
    • Seasons
  • You once said long ago
    while stroking my hair,
    "When you wake up, there'll be
    a nice present
    by your pillow."
    • Teddy Bear
  • Your back always
    looked small and weak
    but we could laugh together
    at funny stories.
    But if people keep making
    the same mistakes over and over
    can they really regret them?
    • Teddy Bear
  • When I woke up, I found
    by my pillow a teddy bear
    instead of you.
    • Teddy Bear

I am...[edit]

  • Isn't it? It's as if we have just entered a new age
    It's a miracle;
    we will never experience it again
    Let's remember it once more
  • No matter how far apart we are,
    don't forget that we're
    still under the same sky,
    both traveling to the place
    we once dreamed of.
  • Today, in this city
    two people will meet and lock eyes;
    the curtains are then turbulently thrown open.
    [...] Today, in this city
    two people will separate their paths;
    the curtains are then silently lowered.
  • But, for everything,
    there is an end, someday, inevitably.
    • M
  • "Maria" There is someone I should love.
    At times I sustain deep, deep wounds.
    But, by the person I should love,
    they are all healed.
    "Maria" Everyone is crying.
    "Maria" But I want to believe.
    "Maria" So I'm praying now
    that this is my final love.
    Beginnings come at random,
    but endings always have a reason.
    • M
  • But in such a place as this, I can only tell you
    by singing this song.
  • If you'd listen, even for a little while
    I'd be pleased

    Remember, once more
    we were born into this world crying.
    Your dreams and hopes for tomorrow
    are all in this world.
    • A Song Is Born
  • Remember, once more
    how our world should be.
    And please, don't forget,
    please, please don't forget.
    • A Song Is Born
  • Surely, no one hoped for so many things.
    Hold the flowers close to your heart;
    they may someday bloom.
    • A Song Is Born
  • If you were alone
    and suddenly became blind,
    and even so
    you keep walking forward.


  • A woman could be having fun
    A woman could be like a nun
    In order to survive
    We cannot be kind
    Until we are hurt
    • Real Me
  • In a city [world] as dirty as this,
    You gather up, save, and show me
    Purely beautiful things.
  • I don't want a weak heart that can't cry
    or the strength not to cry.
    I'll search for a shooting
    Star to cast my wishes on, but
    Daybreak will come too soon
    And I won't be able to find one.
  • In times when I encounter sad things
    I have a habit of saying "I'm all right".
    On that day, something had stopped for me
    And no matter
    how much I pray,
    I can't find a single star.
    • Hanabi
  • How many times have I lost my way?
    Every time, the one who gave me a hand
    Was you.
  • We go on this voyage to find happiness.
    You see? A smile really suits you.
    • Voyage
  • If time is a fading dream
    Then it would be like a flower
    Even if destined to fall
    It would be all the more valuable in its transience.
    • Dolls

Memorial Address[edit]

  • Really, we are
    Not only dots
    But are the whole
  • If one day
    They are connected
    And form lines
    • Forgiveness
  • Certainly everyone, in order to protect love,
    Certainly wishes to believe in something
    • Forgiveness
  • Even in my age now, I'm the same as before
    and just as fearful
    I only learn how to pretend to be strong
  • Though my heart is filled with feelings I want to convey
    You see, I can't express them in words
    If I had not met you
    I wouldn't even have such an embarrassing pain
    • No Way To Say
  • Slowly, I've come to realize
    That I cannot heal my past
    And that fearing the unavoidable future
    Is pointless
    • No Way To Say
  • Goodbye. You have gone to the place where we can never meet again
    I can't accept the coldness of an eternal parting
    I wish I could have heard you say
    That surely, you had loved me
    Only once, even if it were a lie
    • Memorial Address ~Take 2 Version~

My Story[edit]

  • You see? The times have changed
    But why do I still hear people say
    "Tears are woman's weapons"?
    We don't cry easily
    We are not always flirty
    We are not dolls
    Who are only dressed to the nines.
    • My Name's Women
  • An interested stranger asked me
    How do I see the scenery from here?
    I reply
    It's how you think it would be.
    It's useless to explain
    Everybody GO! Everybody JUMP!
    • Humming 7/4
  • My lips told a lie
    For a trivial reason
    It wasn't for anyone else
    But only to protect myself
    And I didn't think about anyone else
    • Walking Proud
  • But I escaped from reality
    Escaped from the pain
    I said to myself
    "Some day, I'll be as I should be
    Though I'm far from there now"
    After such excuses, my eyes were opened
    All I could do was to live in the present time.
    • Walking Proud


  • Yayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada Wowowowo
    Yayayaya Gagagaga Dadadada Wowowowo
    Even if you think you are too bold
    It's all fine
    In all honesty, I'm hesitant
    To be prudent and reserved
    OK, together now, "Bold & Delicious!"
    Don't watch me quietly, stand up please, "Bold & Delicious!"
  • I feel most miserable
    When I can't step "step up to the plate"
    You know? People often say
    Regret from doing it is better than regret for not doing it
    • Bold & Delicious
  • This is a common case,
    It looks like a fight with him
    But she's really fighting with herself.
    • Ladies Night
  • If you are afraid of changes
    Watch from a distance
    Whether or not I might do something
    If you're going to talk about me behind my back
    It is what it is.
  • It is sad
    To lose sight of myself for the sake of myself
    I believe in scenery no one has ever seen,
    And next to you, I wish to stay in that place that doesn't exist
  • Daybreak comes quickly nowadays
    The scent of wind has changed
    It seems familiar yet unfamiliar
    It makes my heartbeat quicker
    It's sweet and sad
    We ran along the road to the sea
    Screaming with laughter innocently
    In the far-away summer days
  • It was not coincidental that we chose what's left
    If the universe has a will
    I think we are part of it
    Tender and precious
    How many times have I searched for something
    Found and lost it
    Since then?
    • Fairyland


  • Why are you ashamed of yourself?
    What happens after that?
    But I really like your way of walking
    In which you head straight and always hit a wall.
  • I feel that
    these glass shoes are too fragile
    for running through this era.


  • Just because this age is full of information and temptations
    We should decide on our own
    You know
    That creation comes after destruction
  • Reality will always deceive us
    But in that, you see, only your answer is hidden
    If you feel you have not seen it
    It is something you brought about with your own hands.
  • This summer, our new journey begins
    I sense a slight discomfort in the distance
    We saw that place in our dreams
    Today, let's find the road there again.
  • Where does this road lead?
    And where does it go from there?
    Even if I imagine [the possibilities]
    Of course, I have no clue.
    I feel the more I wish to be strong
    The weaker my heart becomes
    In inverse proportion
  • We notice it the moment our eyes meet someone else's
    We feel it when coming into contact with him [or her]
    But then once
    We feel weak in the knees
    The wind strokes my cheeks and makes it feel real
    And whispering quietly
    That this is not an illusion at all
    • Fated
  • On that day, you decided
    That you would walk by yourself
    On the endless road
    that crosses the clouds [and leads] to the sky
    Leaving so much here
    I want to tell you and talk about.
    • Untitled ~For Her~
  • What if everyone goes on the endless road
    Sooner or later
    Over the clouds to the sky
    Be sure to wait for me.
    And then, we will talk away
    About our countless memories.
    • Untitled ~For Her


  • I was forgiven by forgiving many things
    Including my long-ago childhood
    I was healed, but I intended [to] heal
    I've just noticed, the way
    I was saved by love
    Though I tried to keep love away.
  • Because we want the same happiness
    We keep carving the same wounds onto our hearts.
    Forever, forever
    So I won't forget you
    I call you over and over again
    Please don't cry any more
    I won't leave you alone.

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