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Baby Buggy Bunny is a 1954 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies animated short directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. The cartoon was released on December 18, 1954, and stars Bugs Bunny. The story is about a short gangster named "Babyface" Finster (based on gangster Baby Face Nelson) who, after a clever bank robbery, loses his ill-gotten gains down Bugs' rabbit hole, forcing him to don the disguise of an orphan baby to get it back.

Bugs Bunny

  • [seeing Finster for the first time] Eh, what's up, uh, pediatrician?


Bugs Bunny: Finster shaving at his age? And tattooed? And smoking a cigar?
Man on TV: Have you seen this man? He is Ant Hill Harry, alias Baby-Face Finster. Notorious bank robber believed to have perpetrated the daring Last National Bank holdup this morning. He is 35 years old, stands...
[Bugs turns off the TV, then gets a suspicious look on his face]
Bugs Bunny: [in a sing-song voice] Oh, Finster! Oh, Finster Baby! [sees Finster trying to get the bag of money from the shelf] Oh. There you are, you naughty baby! [grabs Finster and shakes him rapidly] How many times have I told you not to play with that dirty money?! We'll just have to get hims all tidied up. [puts Finster in the washing machine, then, he takes him out] There, nice enough to be kissed. Ah, whoops, the baby! [tosses Finster to the ceiling] Oh, dear! I do believe I've forgotten my fudge. [Finster crashes down to the ground] Aw, sakes alive. Did'ims fall down?
Finster: [tries to stab Bugs with a knife, but, accidentally stabs himself in the rear end] YEOW!!!! [murmurs obscenities]
Bugs Bunny: [finally having enough, he spanks Finster and some weapons fall out] We'll just have to learn not to play with knives and not to use naughty words! And believe me, Finster, this hurts you more than it does me!

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