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Baby Geniuses is a 1999 action/comedy film directed by Bob Clark, rated PG for crude humor and mild expletives and violence. It stars Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd.

Despite the negative reviews, the casting of Peter MacNicol and Kim Cattrall was regarded as the savior of the film.


Lenny: (singing) One umbrella one, two umbrella two/ let's go up into the zoo/there you'll see a horse that's blue/a big old steed with one white shoe/a zebra and his stripes, playing bagpipes.

Margo: Stick to your rapping Ice Shtick and leave the smart remarks to those with IQs over 40.
Dickie: It's not rap, it's mantras.
Margo: I was chanting mantras before you were born.
Dickie: (pause) You were chanting mantras before Buddha was born.
Margo: That's pretty good, Dickie. That's pretty good.

Robin: (seeing Dick's new look) You look like Mr. Pepto Bismol erupted.

Robin: We're late!
Lenny: Uh-oh! They're late! They're late for a very important date! Your mom and dad are off to save the farm, hip hip hooray!

Sly: They've got Whit.
Dan: Who's got Whit? Wait, you're Whit.

Robin: 911? Now listen. You know that Babyco. building? THERE'S A BOMB IN THERE AND THEY ARE GONNA BLOW THE LITTLE SUCKERS TO VENUS! OKAY?!?!

(hangs up)

Robin: You wanted cops, you got cops.

Carrie: Danger!
Dan: What?
Robin: What?
Carrie: Whit has a twin brother called Sly, he's the one that's been here the last two days.
Dan: What?
Robin: What "what"?
Carrie: Sly and Whit got switched at the mall, and Dr. Kinder kept Whit in her secret lab to experiment on.
Dan: Oh my God!
Robin: What?
Dan: She says Elana's got a secret lab. I don't believe this, Whit and Sly got switched at mall!
Robin: What? Who's Sly?
Carrie: She's getting rid of the lab, and moving the babies to Liechtenstein.
Dan: Leichtenstein? Oh my God!

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