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Babylon Whores is a deathrock and metal band from Finland, founded in 1994 by Ike Vil and Ewo Meichem. As of 2006, the band has released two singles, three EPs and three albums. Throughout the years, the band's music has evolved from a raw, punk-ish style to a more massive sound with complex guitar melodies, often compared to such bands as Danzig and w:Mana Mana. The Whores' lyrics have always been in the field of mysticism and occultism.


  • SOL NIGER (Litmanen/Vil):
Under the sea
Dead cities in the dark
Dreaming themselves to be
Alive once more
And in darkened rooms
As vaulted tombs we hear them call
As sea devours land
Towers yield to the sand
Oh shine on Black Sun upon all Carthage
As a disease on all fours from the sea
Yea shine on Black Sun upon all Carthage
And that which never was shall always be
I would see the world revolve
Around the crosses tips
Fleeing the sun
The vulture Swooping down on a carrion
Laughing into the nothingness
That we flee
In mortal fear ...
And what is eternity
But a shoreless sea
One eternal day
That sees us come and move away
  • From the EP Deggael, 1997. Heroine Myra 237

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