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Back Alley Oproar is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies (Blue Ribbon reissue) animated short directed by Friz Freleng and originally released in theaters on March 27, 1948. The short features Sylvester and Elmer Fudd as its main characters, voiced by Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan respectively. The title is a play on "uproar" and "opera". This is a rare exception for Sylvester as he wins in this cartoon.

Directed by Friz Freleng. Produced by Edward Selzer. Story by Michael Maltese and Tedd Pierce.


Elmer Fudd: [has Sylvester at gunpoint] Now I've got you, and I'm gonna wub you out completly.
Sylvester: Now just a minute, my fine feathered friend?! Ain't you got no aesthetic sense? No ear for musical appreciation?
Elmer Fudd: No, and I'm gonna blowen you to smitheweens.
Sylvester: ♪ Go to sleep, go to sleep... ♪
Elmer Fudd: [getting sleepy] Stop it!
Sylvester: ♪ ...shut your big, blood-shot eyes... ♪
Elmer Fudd: you stop that. [falls asleep]

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