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Backyard Baseball is a software released in 1997 by Humongous Entertainment.


Sunny Day[edit]

  • I think we're all ready to play some baseball!
  • It's time to get down with your favorite baseball players!
  • (custom player) steps up to bat.
  • (when the computer player's turn to bat ends) Alright, it's our turn now!
  • (player hits a home run) Goodbye, baseball!

Vinnie the Gooch[edit]

  • Waaaaiiit a minute. The Gooch does not under any circumstances say "Hi ho". Sunny Day may be saying "Hi ho", but The Gooch just says YO!
  • Vinny da Gooch is lovin' that!
  • (describing Pablo) Even though the Secret Weapon doesn't speak any English, we all know he's a rad dude!
  • (describing Achmed) Achmed is one of the best hitters on the team!
  • (describing Dmitri during pitch) If Dmitri's arm lasts long enough, we might be able to see an amazing right hook, or maybe even a superfying slo-mo.
  • This young batter means business.
  • (when a homerun happens) I don't know what kind of pitch that was, but it tasted just like chicken!
  • (when a player gets out) He/She was robbed!
  • (when a player makes it home) Sweet as candy i tell ya! I like candy, everybody likes candy. That's why Halloween is such a popular holiday!
  • (describing Sunny Day) What she means is she's never gonna stop yapping.
  • (when a homerun happens) Aloha means goodbye, baby.
  • (when a strike happens) He/She was in there like swimwear.

Backyard Kids[edit]

Achmed Khan[edit]

  • (getting picked) Let's rock 'n roll! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • I wanna rock! Rock! (scats) I wanna rock!
  • (after getting struck out) Aw man, I blew it!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smack this one! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (stepping up to bat) This one's outta here! (Amir Khan also says this)

Amir Khan[edit]

  • (getting picked) Groovy!
  • (after getting struck out) I hope Achmed didn't see that!
  • (after getting struck out) Major bummer! (Achmed Khan also says this)

Angela Delvecchio[edit]

  • (during the chatter) Hey, we wanna batter, not the broken ladder, y'know!
  • (striking out a batter) Hey, what'd I tell ya?
  • (striking out a batter) Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom! Bye-Bye, batter!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smack this one for sure.
  • (after getting struck out) No way that's gonna happen again!
  • (stepping up to bat) You guys in the outfield better move back.
  • (after getting struck out) Don't say a word.
  • (getting tired) Okay, I know I'm good, but my arm needs a rest before it turns into a big noodle.

Annie Frazier[edit]

  • (getting picked) Sweet!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm looking for a kind hit here, pitcher!
  • (stepping up to bat) Come on, pitcher, hook me up!
  • (after getting struck out) Bummer!
  • (getting tired) Hey, I'm pooped. I need a sub.
  • (getting tired) Can I get a sub out here? My arm is toast.

Ashley/Sidney Webber[edit]

  • (one of the twins getting picked) Goody! Now pick my sister Ashley/Sidney too!
  • (the other twin getting picked) Oh, goody! Ashley/Sidney and I are on the same team!
  • (only one twin getting picked) Goody!
  • (during the chatter) We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how 'bout you?
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna crush this one!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smash the ball outta here!
  • (after getting struck out) Tennis is my sport anyway.
  • (getting tired) Say, my tennis elbow is acting up.
  • (batter chatter) We want a batter, not a broken ladder ya know!

Billy Jean Blackwood[edit]

  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna park this one in the bleachers, ya hear?
  • (stepping up to bat) Y'all better step back a few!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay. I didn't wanna run anyway.
  • (getting tired) Yoo-hoo! My arm's getting tired out here!
  • (striking out a batter) Sorry, I'm just doin' my job.

Dante Robinson[edit]

  • (during the chatter) I see London, I see France, I see your underpants!
  • Just gimme a minute! I'm still hungry!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm turning that ball into creamed corn!
  • (stepping up to bat) Bring on the meat!
  • (after getting struck out) Next time!
  • You should pick me. I've got a pretty good arm!
  • (getting picked) Let's dig in!
  • My name is Dante, but the kids call me "Stretch". I guess that's supposed to be a joke!
  • One time, I ate a whole turkey! Bet you didn't know that!
  • (striking out a batter) Smooth like butter!
  • (striking out a batter) Chew on that, tough guy!
  • (getting tired) Whew! I'm running out of juice!
  • (getting tired) I'm getting noodle arm!
  • (on the mound) Eat this!

Dmitri Petrovich[edit]

  • (striking out a batter) Indeed, I achieved the proper ball spin.
  • (after getting struck out) It appears as if I need to rethink my strategy.
  • (during the chatter) May I remind you that the primary objective is to hit the ball?
  • (not getting picked) I must admit I am a bit disappointed.
  • (bored on the field) Please, cease this foolishness and just FORFEIT THE GAME!!!!

Gretchen Hasselhoff[edit]

  • (getting picked) Goodygoodygoodygoodygoody! (Goody goody goody goody goody!)
  • MymomnamedmeGretchenafterhergrandmanamedGretchen. (My mom named me Gretchen after her great grandmother named Gretchen.)
  • (stepping up to bat) I'mgonnasmackthisoneouttasight. (I'm gonna smack this one outta sight.)
  • (after getting struck out) Ohshoot! (Oh shoot!)
  • (striking out a batter) Ohyeah. Thatwasastrikeout. (Oh yeah. That was a strikeout.)
  • (getting tired, talks more slowly than usual) Um... I'm tired.

Jocinda Smith[edit]

  • (stepping up to bat) Watch this homerun!
  • (getting picked) Hey, alright! (Kimmy Eckman also says this)
  • (stepping up to bat) It's time for a homerun!
  • (getting tired) My arm is toast!
  • (getting tired) My arm is spent! How 'bout a sub?

Jorge Garcia[edit]

  • I don't like to swim and I don't like to get dirty.
  • (getting picked) I suppose I'll play, but I don't want to get dirty, OK?
  • (unprovoked) Did you guys see the map of Hawaii that Justin Verlander painted on Kate Upton’s lower back?

Kenny Kawaguchi[edit]

  • (getting picked) Alright! Thanks, buddy!
  • (stepping up to bat) Here I go!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay, pitcher, give me one right over the center!
  • (after getting struck out) Boy, I messed up.
  • (after getting struck out) I'll do better next time.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm good.
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna get you, batter!
  • (getting tired) Man, I don't wanna complain, but my arm is tired.
  • (getting tired) I could use a sub right about now.

Kiesha Phillips[edit]

  • (stepping up to bat) Heeeeerree's... Kiesha!
  • (during the chatter) Watch out, Batman! Here comes the Joker!
  • (during the chatter) Say, what's up, Doc?
  • (stepping up to bat) Baseball been very very good to me.
  • (after getting struck out) You are Despicable!
  • (after getting struck out) Coises! Foiled again!
  • (getting tired) I need a sub and I'm not talking lunch here!
  • (getting tired) I can't take much more of this, captain!

Kimmy Eckman[edit]

  • My name's Kimmy and I like candy.
  • (stepping up to bat) This one's going to miles!
  • (after getting struck out) Darn, darn, darn it!
  • (getting tired) Come on, coach! I'm dying out here!
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna blow this one right by!
  • (getting tired) Hey, kid! My arm's getting tired!

Lisa Crocket[edit]

  • (not getting picked) Whatever.
  • (stepping up to bat and on the mound) Here goes nothing.
  • Leave me alone.
  • (getting tired) How about a sub, ace?
  • (getting picked) Neat.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired. Give me a sub.

Luanne Lui[edit]

  • Aww, I wuv you!
  • (striking out a batter) I got you! Neenoo Neenoo!
  • (on the mound) Neenoo Neenoo! Baddo Waddo!
  • (after getting stuck out) Me gonna cwy...
  • (getting picked) Did you heew that, Teddy? We got picked!
  • (stepping up to the plate) This one's fo you, Teddy!
  • (getting tired) Teddy says it's time fo his nap. So we need a sub.
  • (on the mound) Oh, I wuv pwaying basebaw!

Maria Luna[edit]

  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. I'm gonna knock the stuffing outta this one!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. This time, I'm gonna hit like a pinata!
  • (after getting struck out) Ay-yi-yi!
  • (striking out a batter) I... Got... You.
  • (getting tired) Hey there, I'm tired.
  • (after getting struck out) That's no good!

Mikey Thomas[edit]

  • The kids call me Nugget, but my real name is Michael Rhett Thomas.
  • (getting picked) You're my friend!
  • (not getting picked) I'm telling my mom!
  • (stepping up to bat) I've gotta get on base!
  • (stepping up to bat) I want right down the middle for me!
  • (after getting struck out) No fair! I'm telling my mom!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired of pitching now.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm pretty good, huh?

Pablo Sanchez[edit]

  • (stepping up to bat) ¡Adiós, béisbol! (Goodbye, baseball!)
  • (getting picked) ¡Excelente! (Excellent!)
  • Soy Pablo. ¿Quieres jugar? (I'm Pablo. You wanna play?)
  • (striking out a batter) ¡Adios!
  • (when the player clicks him on the player cards section while holding shift) Okay, don't tell the other kids, but uh... I speak English. I learn Spanish in school.
  • (taunting from the field) creo que no qieres jugar (I don't think you wanna play)
  • (after getting struck out) Este bate no sirve para nada! (This bat is useless!)
  • (getting picked) Vamos a ganar! (We are going to win!)

Pete Wheeler[edit]

  • (getting picked) Uh... huh?
  • (getting picked) So whose team am I on?
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna hit a touchdown!
  • (during the chatter) Bet ya can't hit a touchdown!
  • (during the chatter) Ra ra ra! Go, team!
  • (stepping up to bat) Uh, what am I supposed to do again?
  • (after getting struck out) Now what?
  • (striking out a batter) Uhh... Whoops.
  • (getting tired) Uhh... I don't wanna throw the ball no more.
  • (during the chatter) Can't score a goal!

Ronny Dobbs[edit]

  • Know what's neat? Aw, nothing.
  • (during the chatter) Miss it! Miss it! Now you gotta kiss it!
  • (after getting picked) Neat. I get to play.
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm going to hit this one two hundred gazillion miles!
  • (stepping up to bat) Neener-Neener! You can't strike me out!
  • (after getting struck out) No fair!
  • (getting tired) I'm getting sleepy.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm pretty good for a little guy.
  • (after getting struck out) I don't wanna play anymore!
  • (getting tired) I don't wanna pitch anymore.

Sally Dobbs[edit]

  • (after getting struck out) I could've hit a home run if I wanted to.
  • (after getting struck out) I meant to do that, you know.
  • (getting tired) I need a sub. I don't have the same energy as some of the younger kids, you know?
  • (getting tired) I'm getting kinda tired of pitching.

Stephanie Morgan[edit]

  • I don't know why...
  • (during the chatter) Hey, batter!
  • (during the chatter) My, oh my!
  • (stepping up to bat) As you can tell, I modeled my stance after the great Babe Ruth.
  • (after getting struck out) How Humiliating!
  • (after getting struck out) Oh well. I'm sure Cal had his bad days, I suppose.
  • (getting tired) My daddy says I shouldn't pitch for too long.

Tony Delvecchio[edit]

  • (during the chatter) Be-au-ti-ful!
  • (getting tired) What're ya tryin' to do, kill me? I need a sub here!
  • (during the chatter) Hey, Slick, swing, why don't ya?
  • (during the chatter) Growin' a beard out here, waitin' for some action!
  • (stepping up to bat) Watch this one, Slick!
  • (getting picked) Listen here, Slick, you made the right decision!

Vicki Kawaguchi[edit]

  • I'm going to be a ballerina when I grow up.
  • My name is Vicki Kawaguchi. My brother's name is Kenny. He's in a wheelchair. Can I go now?
  • One time, I was practicing my pirouette and I got so dizzy, I barfed. But don't tell anyone, okay? But it was really gross and stuff, because I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Promise you won't tell?
  • (getting picked) Hooray!
  • (stepping up to bat) Don't throw the ball fast, okay?
  • (stepping up to bat) Here comes the graceful ballerina to the plate.
  • (after getting struck out) Stupid baseball is for babies!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired of pitching. Can I stop now?
  • (getting tired) I don't wanna pitch anymore, please?
  • My mommy says I'm her little butterfly and daddy calls me his baseball swan. Kenny calls me pipsqueak.

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