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Backyard Baseball is a series of baseball video games for children, first released in 1997 by Humongous Entertainment.



Sunny Day

  • I think we're all ready to play some baseball!
  • It's time to get down with your favorite baseball players!
  • (custom player) steps up to bat.
  • (when the computer player's turn to bat ends) Alright, it's our turn now!
  • (player hits a home run) Goodbye, baseball!
  • (player line drives) A bouncing ball.
  • (time-out) The coach calls time-out!
  • Games lost. This is how many times the team lost because a pitcher sucked! (2003 changes it to "...because a pitcher was lousy")

Vinnie the Gooch

  • Waaaaiiit a minute. The Gooch does not under any circumstances say "Hi ho". Sunny Day may be saying "Hi ho", but The Gooch just says YO! (Sunny Day: Whatever, Vinny)
  • Vinny da Gooch is lovin' that!
  • (describing Pablo) Even though the Secret Weapon doesn't speak any English, we all know he's a rad dude!
  • (describing Achmed) Achmed is one of the best hitters on the team!
  • (describing Dmitri during pitch) If Dmitri's arm lasts long enough, we might be able to see an amazing right hook, or maybe even a superfying slo-mo.
  • (describing Maria during pitch) All I can say is; if Maria's team color is pink, batters beware. she likes pink. a lot.
  • This young batter means business.
  • (when a homerun happens) I don't know what kind of pitch that was, but it tasted just like chicken!
  • (when a player gets out) He/She was robbed!
  • (when a player makes it home) Sweet as candy i tell ya! I like candy, everybody likes candy. That's why Halloween is such a popular holiday!
  • (describing Sunny Day) What she means is she's never gonna stop yapping. (Sunny Day: It's my job, Vinny!)
  • (when a homerun happens) Aloha means goodbye, baby.
  • (when a strike happens) He/She was in there like swimwear.
  • (player gets second strike) He/she's really struggling out there.
  • (when a female player steps up to bat) This girl's a scrapper! Look at that determination!
  • (when a player steps up to bat) This young batter eats left hooks for breakfast!
  • (player strikes out) You can't win 'em all.
  • (players crash into each other) Ouch! They gotta watch where they're goin' out there!
  • (players crash into each other) Thanks for that lesson on gravity.
  • (catch missed) P.U.! Stinkaroonie!
  • (when someone successfully steals home or a walk happens) Who needs movies when life is this exciting?

Backyard Kids


Achmed Khan

  • (getting picked) Let's rock 'n roll! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (not getting picked) Bummer dude! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • I wanna rock! Rock! (scats) I wanna rock!
  • (after getting struck out) Aw man, I blew it!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smack this one! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (stepping up to bat) This one's outta here! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (getting tired) Hey I'm tired; I don't wanna pitch anymore! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (getting tired) My arm is tired! (Amir Khan and Gretchen Hasselhoff also say this)
  • (gets a strike) That's lame! (Amir Khan also says this)
  • (whiffed by ball) Whoa, dude! (Amir Khan also says this)

Amir Khan

  • (getting picked) Groovy!
  • (not getting picked) Oh man! (Achmed Kahn also says this)
  • (after getting struck out) I hope Achmed didn't see that!
  • (after getting struck out) Major bummer! (Achmed Khan also says this)

Angela Delvecchio

  • (not getting picked) I didn't wanna be on your team anyway.
  • (not getting picked) Are ya sure you're makin' the right decision? Cuz I don't think ya are, ya know?
  • (during the chatter) Hey, we wanna batter, not some broken ladder, y'know!
  • (striking out a batter) Hey, what'd I tell ya?
  • (striking out a batter) Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom! Bye-Bye, batter!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smack this one for sure.
  • (after getting struck out) No way that's gonna happen again!
  • (stepping up to bat) You guys in the outfield better move back.
  • (after getting struck out) Don't say a word.
  • (getting tired) Okay, I know I'm good, but my arm needs a rest before it turns into a big noodle.
  • (getting tired) Hey brilliant, I'm gettin' tired out here.
  • (congratulating) Way to go kid.
  • (congratulating) Hey kid, you're alright, ya know?
  • (congratulating) Nice catch, kiddo! (2003)
  • (tagging someone else) Hey, you tried, but I'm too good.
  • (gets a strike) No one better say anything about that.
  • (hitting a home run) Chuck one up for Delvecchio!
  • (hitting a home run) What'd I tell ya? I'm the best athlete here for sure!
  • (whiffed by ball) That better not happen again.
  • (makes an error) I'm gonna forget that ever happened.
  • (makes an error) Woah. That was weird.
  • (someone else makes an error) What were you thinking?
  • (someone else makes an error) It's not your fault.

Annie Frazier

  • Hi. I'm Annie Frazier. Pick me, and you won't regret it.
  • (getting picked) Sweet!
  • (not picked) I'll just watch the game then.
  • (not picked) Lame! Oh well, maybe next time.
  • (during the chatter) Swing batter batter.
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm looking for a kind hit here, pitcher!
  • (stepping up to bat) Come on, pitcher, hook me up!
  • (after getting struck out) Bummer!
  • (getting tired) Hey, I'm pooped. I need a sub.
  • (getting tired) Can I get a sub out here? My arm is toast.
  • (congratulating and stepping up to bat, Tee Ball) Right on.
  • (gets a strike) Lame.
  • (whiffed by ball) Okay. Try this time.

Ashley/Sidney Webber

  • Baseball is a nice change of pace for me, because I play tennis all day long.
  • I've got tennis lessons later this afternoon ya'know.
  • My dad says I should play infield, so I don't throw my arm out.
  • Ashley and I are pretty good baseball players!
  • Sidney and I are pretty good baseball players!
  • (one of the twins getting picked) Goody! Now pick my sister Ashley/Sidney too!
  • (the other twin getting picked) Oh, goody! Ashley/Sidney and I are on the same team!
  • (only one twin getting picked) Goody!
  • (not getting picked) That's okay. I'll just watch.
  • (not getting picked) Okay...if that's what you want.
  • (during the chatter) We've got spirit, yes we do. We've got spirit, how 'bout you?
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna crush this one!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna smash the ball outta here!
  • (after striking out) Oh well, it's just a game.
  • (after striking out) Tennis is my sport anyway.
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna ace this one!
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna try really hard this time!
  • (after striking someone out) Aced 'em!
  • (after striking someone out) Aced it! (they also say this if they make a catch)
  • (getting tired) Say, my tennis elbow is acting up.
  • (getting tired) I'm kind of getting tired of pitching.
  • (batter chatter) We want a batter, not a broken ladder!
  • (batter chatter) 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar, all for our team, stand up and holler!
  • (meet the players) Our dad tells us to be careful when we play baseball, because he doesn't want us to mess up our serve. He says he has too much invested in our tennis, so we have to be very careful every time we go out and play. If you see him coming, holler, so can pretend like we're just watching!
  • (Ashley during meet the players) Sidney and I are state champions in under 9 girls doubles tennis! We don't like to brag about it, but our daddy says that we should take pride in his and our accomplishments. He has a little room where he keeps all our ribbons and trophies. He says we're going to be the next Monica Seles! And if he plays his cards right, he says he can avoid being like the father of Steffi Graf! We don't know what he means by that.
  • (Ashley during meet the players) Sidney's backhand is really good, but I've got the best forehand!
  • (Ashley during meet the players) I always thought Sidney got all the brains and I got all the looks, but don't tell her I said that! She's also not as good at baseball as I am. But, she's a great sister, and I love her to pieces! Daddy says she's the yin to my yang! Whatever!
  • (Ashley during meet the players) We have an older sister who plays tennis too, and she's really good! She'll probably get a scholarship or something, maybe even turn pro! I don't want to play tennis forever, though. I want to be an artist when I grow up. Don't tell Daddy, though!
  • (Sidney during meet the players) We went to the doctor's the other day, and he says Ashley and I have 20/20 vision! I guess that means we can see really good! I don't know what the numbers mean, though. Maybe it has something to do with that, uh, television show! Y'know, 20/20!
  • (Sidney during meet the players) I always thought Ashley got all the brains and I got all the looks, but don't tell her I said that! She's also not as good at baseball as I am. But, she's a great sister, and I love her to pieces! Daddy says she's the yin to my yang! Whatever!
  • (Sidney during meet the players) Ashley's backhand is really good, but I've got the best forehand!
  • (Sidney during meet the players) We have tennis lessons all year round! During the school year, we get up extra early, so we can practice before school. And when school is out, we go and practice some more. Sometimes though, we get to do fun stuff instead, like ride bikes or play tag!
  • (gets a strike) Dumb bat.
  • (hitting a home run) Point, set, match.
  • (during the chatter) Shoe's untied! (2003)

Billy Jean Blackwood

  • Just say "oui" to me! Ya hear, sugar?
  • (not picked) Merci me!
  • (not picked) That's alright.
  • (getting picked) Thanks sugar! I won't let ya down!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna park this one in the bleachers, ya hear?
  • (stepping up to bat) Y'all better step back a few!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay. I didn't wanna run anyway.
  • (after getting struck out) That was rude!
  • (getting tired) Yoo-hoo! My arm's getting tired out here!
  • (getting tired) He-ey! I'm gettin' tired of pitchin'! Sub me out!
  • (striking out a batter) Sorry bout that kid, just doin' my job, ya know.
  • (tagging someone out) Gotcha!
  • (congratulating) Nice playin' y'all!
  • (congratulating) Good playin' y'all!
  • (gets a strike) This here bat? It don't work so good.
  • (makes an error) Sacre bleu-y!
  • (someone else makes an error) You're not playin' very good.

Dante Robinson

  • (during the chatter) I see London, I see France, I see your underpants!
  • Just gimme a minute! I'm still hungry!
  • (not picked) Aw, I'm too hungry to play anyway.
  • (not picked) That's okay. Now I have time for more peanuts.
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm turning that ball into creamed corn!
  • (stepping up to bat) Bring on the meat!
  • (after getting struck out) Next time!
  • (after getting struck out) I’m too hungry to bat good.
  • You should pick me. I've got a pretty good arm!
  • (getting picked) Let's dig in!
  • My name is Dante, but the kids call me "Stretch". I guess that's supposed to be a joke!
  • One time, I ate a whole turkey! Bet you didn't know that!
  • (striking out a batter) Smooth like butter!
  • (striking out a batter) Chew on that, tough guy!
  • (getting tired) Whew! I'm running out of juice!
  • (getting tired) I'm getting noodle arm!
  • (on the mound) Eat this!
  • (gets a strike) That's alright.
  • (hitting a home run) Yes! Could I have some candy for that? Huh? Could I?

Dmitri Petrovich

  • (striking out a batter) Indeed, I achieved the proper ball spin.
  • (after getting struck out) It appears as if I need to rethink my strategy.
  • (during the chatter) May I remind you that the primary objective is to hit the ball?
  • (not picked) I must admit I am a bit disappointed.
  • (not picked) I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.
  • (bored on the field) Please, cease this foolishness and just FORFEIT THE GAME!!!!
  • (tagging someone out) I got you out.
  • (makes an error) Ooh, darn it.
  • (getting tired) My fatigue has increased to a debilitating level. A substitute is in order.
  • (getting tired) I believe my young muscles are becoming very fatigued. Perhaps a substitution is in order?
  • (congratulating) Excellent play.
  • (congratulating) Bravo.
  • (gets a strike) That was a bit surprising.

Ernie Steele

  • (not picked) Well maybe next time, heh heh heh.
  • (after getting struck out) Now why'd I go do that?
  • (getting tired) I'm getting the rubber arms!
  • (getting tired) Gimme a break; I'm really tired!
  • (gets a strike) I'm not so ready, heh heh.
  • (hitting a home run) Woohoo!(Jocinda Smith also says this)
  • (getting picked) Bad choice.. hehe, not.

Gretchen Hasselhoff

  • (getting picked) Goodygoodygoodygoodygoody! (Goody goody goody goody goody!)
  • (getting picked) Neat!
  • (not getting picked) Oh!
  • (not getting picked) That'sokaycauseIdon'thavetoplayallthetimemuch! (That's okay cause I don't have to play all the time much!)
  • (batter chatter) Heybatterbatterbatterbatterbatter! (Hey batter batter batter batter batter!)
  • (batter chatter) Heybattereverthinkaboutswinging?Welldidya? (Hey batter, ever think about swinging? Well did ya?)
  • (batter chatter) Heybatterkeepyoureyeontheballwhenmoreoutswouldstink! (Hey batter, keep your eye on the ball, when more outs would stink!)
  • MymomnamedmeGretchenafterhergrandmanamedGretchen. (My mom named me Gretchen after her great grandmother named Gretchen.)
  • (stepping up to bat) I'mgonnasmackthisoneouttasight. (I'm gonna smack this one outta sight.)
  • (after getting struck out) Ohshoot! (Oh shoot!)
  • (after getting struck out) Sorry!
  • (striking out a batter) Ohyeah. Thatwasastrikeout. (Oh yeah. That was a strikeout.)
  • (getting tired, talks more slowly than usual) Um... I'm tired.
  • (getting tired, talks more slowly than usual) My arm is tired!
  • (tagging someone out) Out!
  • (someone crashes into her) Ahh!
  • (gets a strike) Hmm! (sad)
  • (whiffed by ball) Hmm! (angry)
  • (someone else makes an error) It'sokayit'sjustagame. (It's okay it's just a game.)
  • (congratulating) Youkickbutt! (You kick butt!) (2003)

Jocinda Smith

  • (not picked) Okay!
  • (not picked) That's alright!
  • (stepping up to bat) Watch this homerun!
  • (getting picked) Hey, alright! (Kimmy Eckman also says this)
  • (stepping up to bat) It's time for a homerun!
  • (getting tired) My arm is toast!
  • (getting tired) My arm is spent! How 'bout a sub?
  • (gets a strike) Dang!

Jorge Garcia

  • I don't like to sweat and I don't like to get dirty. My nanny, she always wants me to change into my play clothes, but I don't really like to play. Sometimes I get worried that I might catch some disease from all these dirty kids.
  • (getting picked) Certainly! I'd love to play!
  • (stepping up to bat) Ok, stand back peons!
  • (stepping up to bat) Watch that outfield cringe as I step up to the plate!
  • (not picked) Hmph!
  • (not picked) Don't you know who I am? Oh well.
  • (getting picked) I suppose I'll play, but I don't want to get dirty, OK?
  • (during the chatter) You there batter, the kids are comparing you to broken ladders!
  • (during the chatter) You kids are playing like little crazy monkeys!
  • (during the chatter) Heeeeey batter batter batter!
  • (unprovoked) Did you guys see the map of Hawaii that Justin Verlander painted on Kate Upton's lower back?
  • (getting tired) I'm tired and sleepy, and my arm hurts.
  • (getting tired) I demand to be relieved of my pitching duties. Give me a sub.
  • (after getting struck out) I think they are picking on ME because of my glasses.
  • (after getting struck out) I'm just about ready to go home!
  • (on the mound) Batter, prepare for a dropping!
  • (congratulating) Hey, good job there.
  • (congratulating) Not bad at all.
  • (gets a strike) Don't count that one.
  • (strike called) What is this, some kind of conspiracy?
  • (whiffed by ball) Hey! Watch it, you.
  • (hitting a home run) I'm a natural, yes?
  • My eyes are not so good, and so I have to wear glasses all the time. But don't you go calling me "four-eyes" or else.

Kenny Kawaguchi

  • Don't let this wheelchair fool ya, I can play!
  • (getting picked) Alright! Thanks, buddy!
  • (not picked) That's alright. Maybe next time.
  • (stepping up to bat) Here I go!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay, pitcher, give me one right over the center!
  • (after getting struck out) Boy, I messed up.
  • (after getting struck out) I'll do better next time.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm good.
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna get you, batter!
  • (getting tired) Man, I don't wanna complain, but my arm is tired.
  • (getting tired) I could use a sub right about now.
  • (gets a strike) Heesh.
  • (whiffed by ball) Yipes! It's getting dangerous here.
  • (hitting a home run) Neat, A home run!
  • (Pete gets on base after a bunt) Pete is too fast for you!

Kiesha Phillips

  • (getting picked) Einstein! Good move!
  • (not picked) That's okay I'm not really that good. Kidding.
  • (not picked) You sure about that now?
  • (stepping up to bat) Heeeeerree's... Kiesha! (The Shining)
  • (during the chatter) Watch out, Batman! Here comes the Joker!
  • (during the chatter) Say, what's up, Doc?
  • (stepping up to bat) Baseball been very very good to me.
  • (after getting struck out) You are Despicable! (Daffy Duck)
  • (after getting struck out) Coises! Foiled again!
  • (getting tired) I need a sub and I'm not talking lunch here!
  • (getting tired) I can't take much more of this, captain!
  • (gets a strike) Swing and a miss.
  • (whiffed by ball) Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. (Incredible Hulk)
  • (hitting a home run) 'scuse me, may I park this ball here?
  • (hitting a home run) Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building.

Kimmy Eckman

  • Hi, my name's Kimmy and I like candy.
  • If ya wanna win, pick me.
  • Hey kid, pick me.
  • My name is Kimmy Eckman. Got a candy bar?
  • (not getting picked) You must not wanna win.
  • (getting picked) Hey alright!
  • (getting picked) Good choice kid!
  • (not getting picked) Maybe next time, huh?
  • (stepping up to bat) This one's going a mile!
  • (stepping up to bat) Watch out, here comes trouble!
  • (after getting struck out) Darn, darn, darnit!
  • (getting tired) Come on, coach! I'm dying out here!
  • (on the mound) I'm gonna blow this one right by!
  • (getting tired) Hey, kid! My arm's getting tired!
  • (congratulating) Way to go kid!
  • (gets a strike) Whoops!
  • (whiffed by ball) What are you trying to do, kill me?!
  • (hitting a home run) Take that!
  • (batter chatter) Hey batter! I heard there's still room on the ping pong team! (2003)
  • (batter chatter) You couldn't hit the side of an airplane! (2003)
  • (batter chatter) I think your bat's got a hole in it! (2003)
  • (batter chatter) What're you doin'? Swatting flies?

Lisa Crocket

  • All this talking is wearing me out.
  • (not getting picked) Whatever.
  • (stepping up to bat and on the mound) Here goes nothing.
  • Leave me alone.
  • (stepping up to bat) Give me something I can hit.
  • (getting tired) How about a sub, ace?
  • (getting picked) Neat.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired. Give me a sub.
  • (tagging someone out) You're out.
  • (congratulating) Good job.
  • (congratulating) Alright.
  • (gets a strike) Uhps.
  • (after getting struck out) Oh great. That's just what I wanted to happen.

Luanne Lui

  • Aww, I wuv you!
  • (not getting picked) Youwh mean!
  • (not getting picked) That's okay! Teddy needs his nap anyways!
  • (striking out a batter) I got you! Neenoo Neenoo!
  • (on the mound) Neenoo Neenoo! Baddo Waddo!
  • (after getting stuck out) Me gonna cwy...
  • (getting picked) Did you heew that, Teddy? We got picked!
  • (stepping up to the plate) This one's fo you, Teddy!
  • (stepping up to bat) Stand back, you kids!
  • (getting tired) Teddy says it's time fo his nap. So we need a sub.
  • (getting tired) Teddy says to tell you we're getting tiuhed.
  • (on the mound) Oh, I wuv pwaying basebaw! (Also says this after a home run)
  • (gets a strike) You cwazy wittle baw!

Maria Luna

  • (not picked) It's okay! I didn't want to get my dress dirty anyway.
  • (not picked) You're very silly for not picking me.
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. I'm gonna knock the stuffing outta this one!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. This time, I'm gonna hit like a pinata!
  • (after getting struck out) Ay-yi-yi!
  • (striking out a batter) I... Got... You.
  • (getting tired) Hey there, I'm tired.
  • (getting tired) Ay yi yi! I think I need a siesta.
  • (after getting struck out) That's no good!
  • (gets a strike) ¡Ey, chihuahuas!
  • (whiffed by ball) Hey, you loco!
  • You got dirt on my pretty pretty dress! (2003)
  • (Hitting a home run) Ha Ha. I...Showed...You.

Marky Dubois

  • Nuttin' better than to play sports all the darn day long!
  • (getting picked) Hot darn! I'm gonna play!
  • (not getting picked) Dagnabbit! You'll be sorry.
  • (during the chatter) You swing like an old lady in a purdy little dolly store!
  • (during the chatter) My granny swats flies harder than you swing that thar stick!
  • (stepping up to bat) Stand back, cuz this one's goin' plumb outta here!
  • (getting tired) I'm plump tuckered out, like a mule in a gravy train!
  • (getting tired) I'm gettin' real tired out here!
  • (striking out a batter) Yee-Haw!
  • (gets a strike) I part near got that one.
  • (hitting a home run) I nailed that one like a bucket of slop in a henhouse!
  • (hitting a home run) My pop's gonna be reeeeal proud!
  • (whiffed by ball) I think that kid's tryna bean me.

Mikey Thomas

  • The kids call me Nugget, but my real name is Michael Rhett Thomas.
  • (getting picked) You're my friend!
  • (not getting picked) I'm gonna tell my mom!
  • (not getting picked) You're not my friend!
  • (stepping up to bat) I've gotta get on base!
  • (stepping up to bat) I want one right down the middle for me!
  • (after getting struck out) No fair! I'm telling my mom!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired of pitching now.
  • (getting tired) My arm is tired of pitching; I wanna play outfield.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm pretty good, huh?
  • (gets a strike) Wow!
  • (whiffed by ball) Hey, watch it!!
  • (hitting a home run) I do that all the time!
  • (hitting a home run) that was easy!

Pablo Sanchez

  • ¡Yo primero yo! (Me first, me!)
  • Escogome, yo juego muy bien. (Pick me, I play very well)
  • (stepping up to bat) ¡Adiós, béisbol! (Goodbye, baseball!)
  • (getting picked) ¡Excelente! (Excellent!)
  • (not picked) Bueno suerte. La proxima ver me escojes, si? (Good luck. The next time you'll pick me, yes?)
  • Soy Pablo. ¿Quieres jugar? (I'm Pablo. You wanna play?)
  • (striking out a batter) ¡Adios!
  • (when the player clicks him on the player cards section while holding shift) Okay, don't tell the other kids, but uh... I speak English. I learn Spanish in school.
  • My Spanish is getting a lot better, huh?
  • (stepping up to bat) Mandame una buena! (Send me a good one!)
  • (taunting from the field) creo que no qieres jugar (I don't think you wanna play)
  • (after getting struck out) Este bate no sirve para nada! (This bat is useless!)
  • (after getting struck out) Que pasa aqui? (What’s going on?)
  • (getting picked) Vamos a ganar! (We are going to win!)
  • (gets a strike) ¡Ay caramba!
  • (hitting a home run) Hasta la vista, bola! (Bye, Ball!)

Pete Wheeler

  • (getting picked) Uh... huh?
  • (getting picked) So whose team am I on?
  • (not getting picked) Wait, does that mean you don't want me on your team?
  • (not getting picked) What?
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna hit a touchdown!
  • (during the chatter) Bet ya can't hit a touchdown!
  • (during the chatter) Ra ra ra! Go, team!
  • (stepping up to bat) Uh, what am I supposed to do again?
  • (after getting struck out) Now what?
  • (after getting struck out) Darr, my noodle don’t work so good.
  • (striking out a batter) Uhh... Whoops.
  • (getting tired) Uhh... I don't wanna throw the ball no more.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired.
  • (during the chatter) Can't score a goal!
  • (gets a strike) Uh, shoot.
  • (whiffed by ball) Hey! That kid tried to bean me.
  • (hitting a home run) I did something good, right?

Reese Worthington

  • I wanna play on your team.
  • (getting picked) Excellent choice! You shan't be disappointed.
  • (not getting picked) I didn't wanna play on your team anyway.
  • (not getting picked) Undoubtedly, I think you'll rue that decision.
  • (batter chatter) Let's hear some chowder!
  • (batter chatter) Hey batter batter batter.
  • (batter chatter) We want a batter, not a broken ladder!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. This time, I'm gonna smack it!
  • (stepping up to bat) I got this game figured out! Watch me go!
  • (on the mound) My arm is a mighty cannon!
  • (after getting struck out) Darn darn darn darn darn!
  • (after getting struck out) Stupid, stupid bat!
  • (tagging someone) Outstanding!
  • (tagging someone) You're outta there!
  • (tagging someone) Ahhhhhhhhh! (Tarzan yell)
  • (getting tired) I feel a bit faint. I need to take a rest.
  • (getting tired) Okay, I think my effectiveness as a pitcher is over. Please, provide a substitute for me?
  • (congratulating) A superb play.
  • (gets a strike) Stupid bat.
  • (whiffed by ball) I think that pitcher is out to get me.
  • (someone else makes an error) I wanna win!
  • (someone else makes an error) You keep that up, and we'll lose!

Ricky Johnson

  • (not picked) I'll just watch the game, um, if that's alright with you.
  • (during the chatter) I'm rooting for the other team, if that's alright with you, batter!
  • (during the chatter) Uh, I don't know what to say!
  • (during the chatter) Swing! Oops, sorry.
  • (after getting struck out) Sorry.
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay. I'm gonna hit this one, okay?
  • (after getting struck out) Oh no!
  • (tagging someone out) I think I got you!
  • (makes an error) Drat it!
  • (makes an error) Fiddlesticks!
  • (playing on purple team) Purple's in the hooooouse!
  • (getting tired) Um, I'm getting kind of tired.
  • (getting tired) Maybe I could use a sub, if that's okay with you.
  • (gets a strike) Oh wow.
  • (hitting a home run) Um, I hope that was OK. Oh, I don't know.

Ronny Dobbs

  • Know what's neat? Aw, nothing.
  • I'm not gonna cry if you don't pick me, cuz big kids don't cry!
  • (not picked) Waaaaah!
  • (not picked) Just wait til I get older!
  • (during the chatter) Miss it! Miss it! Now you gotta kiss it!
  • (during the chatter) Swing batter broken ladder!
  • (during the chatter) Swing, swing, swing, once!
  • (after getting picked) Neat. I get to play.
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm going to hit this one two hundred gazillion miles!
  • (stepping up to bat) Neener-Neener! You can't strike me out!
  • (after getting struck out) No fair!
  • (getting tired) I'm getting sleepy.
  • (striking out a batter) I'm pretty good for a little guy.
  • (after getting struck out) I don't wanna play anymore!
  • (getting tired) I don't wanna pitch anymore.
  • (gets a strike) No fair!
  • (after getting struck out) That should've counted! That's cheating!
  • (hitting a home run) I nailed that one!

Sally Dobbs

  • (not picked) That's okay. I'm too old to be playing with a bunch of kids anyway.
  • (after getting struck out) I could've hit a home run if I wanted to.
  • (after getting struck out) I meant to do that, you know.
  • (getting tired) I need a sub. I don't have the same energy as some of the younger kids, you know?
  • (getting tired) I'm getting kinda tired of pitching.
  • (stepping up to bat) Stand back and see a real athlete in action!
  • (stepping up to bat) I'm gonna hit a home run this time.
  • (gets a strike) If at first you don't succeed.
  • (hitting a home run) Sometimes, you gotta put these kids in their place.
  • (during the chatter) Ronny, leave that squirrel alone! (2003)
  • (whiffed by ball) those crazy kids can't pitch as well as me.

Stephanie Morgan

  • I don't know why...
  • (not picked) You must not wanna win very badly but that's okay you'll come crawling back later when you're losing!
  • (not picked) Wow. That's never happened before.
  • (not picked) Is this some kind of hidden camera practical joke?! (2003)
  • (during the chatter) Hey, batter!
  • (during the chatter) My, oh my!
  • (stepping up to bat) As you can tell, I modeled my stance off the great Babe Ruth.
  • (after getting struck out) How Humiliating!
  • (after getting struck out) Oh well. Even Cal had his bad days, I suppose.
  • (getting tired) My daddy says I shouldn't pitch for too long.
  • (getting tired) I'm getting kinda tired, coach. You should move me to shortstop!
  • (gets a strike) Hey, what's up, this bat must have a hole in it!
  • (whiffed by ball) So they think they can beat us by taking me out of the game, huh?
  • (hitting a home run) bye-bye, baseball!
  • (hitting a home run) Watch out, Major League, here comes Steph!

Tony Delvecchio

  • (not picked) Oh boy. I think ya made a big mistake there slick.
  • (not picked) Tony is not happy.
  • (during the chatter) Be-au-ti-ful!
  • (getting tired) What're ya tryin' to do, kill me? I need a sub here!
  • (getting tired) Hey, Slick, I could use a sub out here!
  • (getting tired) Come on Slick, my arm's gettin' tired!
  • (during the chatter) Hey, Slick, swing, why don't ya?
  • (during the chatter) Growin' a beard out here, waitin' for some action!
  • (stepping up to bat) Watch this one, Slick!
  • (stepping up to bat) Okay, slick, let's see what ya got.
  • (getting picked) Listen here, Slick, you made the right decision!
  • Let me tell ya, I'm da best, ya hear me! De best!
  • (gets a strike) Hey, what's goin' on here?
  • (whiffed by ball) Ya better not make Tony mad, Slick.
  • (hitting a home run) My name's Tony Delvecchio. Remember that!

Vicki Kawaguchi

  • I'm going to be a ballerina when I grow up.
  • My name is Vicki Kawaguchi. My brother's name is Kenny. He's in a wheelchair. Can I go now?
  • One time, I was practicing my pirouette and I got so dizzy, I barfed. But don't tell anyone, okay? But it was really gross and stuff, because I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Promise you won't tell?
  • (getting picked) Hooray!
  • (not picked) Oh!
  • (not picked) Ohhhhh.
  • (stepping up to bat) Don't throw the ball fast, okay?
  • (stepping up to bat) Here comes the graceful ballerina to the plate.
  • (after getting struck out) Stupid baseball is for babies!
  • (after getting struck out) That's okay.
  • (getting tired) I'm tired of pitching. Can I stop now?
  • (getting tired) I don't wanna pitch anymore, please?
  • My mommy says I'm her little butterfly and daddy calls me his baseball swan. Kenny calls me pipsqueak.
  • (gets a strike) Wow, I missed that one huh?
  • (batter chatter) Wanna borrow my tutu? (2003)
  • (whiffed by ball) Hey pitcher, you need a new arm!
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