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Bad Girls (1999 - 2006) is a British television drama series that was broadcast on ITV. It was created by Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus of Shed Productions, who initiated the idea of developing a series primarily focusing on the inmates and staff of the fictional women's prison, Larkhall, located in the South London region.

Series 1[edit]

Them and Us [1.01][edit]

[Prisoner Nikki Wade tries to go up to G3 to check on her friend Carol,]
Sylvia: Hold on, just a minute, what are you doing up here?
Nikki Wade: Just wanted to check on Carol, I didn't see her this evening.
Sylvia Hollamby: You didn't see her because she didn't want to be seen.
Nikki Wade: Why?
Sylvia Hollamby: Because she wanted a nice peaceful rest, like you're holding me up from.
[Carol shouts on Nikki.]
Carol Byatt: Nikki?
Nikki Wade: Carol?
Sylvia Hollamby: Lorna? Take this inmate doen to G2, please.
Nikki Wade: Look, I only want to see her.
Sylvia Hollamby: So you'll see her in the morning, Alright? Now move or i'm putting you on report.
Nikki Wade: You'd gas us in our cells if they told you to. wouldn't you?
[Shell Dockley comes up to Nikki.]
Shell Dockley: Missed your goodnight kiss did you? What a shame.
Nikki Wade: Don't hurt your brain Dockley.

[Sylvia is given orders from governor Helen Stewart to help wash prisoner "Smelly Nelly" Snape.]
Sylvia Hollamby: These should be buried in a flippin' leg lined box, not bagged. [Sylvia is refering to Nelly's dirty clothes.] And you should be ashamed of yourself, a woman of your background.
Nelly Snape: Not if it keeps stinkers like you at bay, shitface!
Sylvia Hollamby: Right, that it, I'm definitely off til Monday.

Denny Blood: [during a lock-down] Are you letting us out, Ms.?
Lorna Rose: No - I'm letting myself in.

Shell Dockley: Oi Rachel! It's me, your new next door neighbour, I just wanted you to know, right, that it's really made my day you moving up here. And I mean that, right? Because deep down, I got a really big soft spot for you Rachel, and I cant wait to gob it in your face.

Drug Wars [1.02][edit]

Ms. Carter: [as Nikki's cell is being stormed by the DST] Have you got anything in 'ere, you shouldn't?
Nikki Wade: No, sir.
Ms. Carter: Are you trying to be disrespectful to me?
Nikki Wade: Disrespectful sir?
Ms. Carter: Look...
Nikki Wade: Sorry! I thought you were a man. Sorry Ms.
Ms. Carter: [Sadistically] Strip!

Love Rival [1.03][edit]

The Victim [1.04][edit]

Tangled Web [1.05][edit]

A Big Mistake [1.06][edit]

Playing With Fire [1.07][edit]

Falling Apart [1.08][edit]

Pay Back Time [1.09][edit]

Julie Johnston: Writing anymore letters, Crystal?
Zandra Plackett: Send one to Yvonne's hit man - ask him to take you out!
Julie Saunders: She can do that herself, can't she - she works in the kitchen, she could get a knife and slit her own bleedin' throat!
Julie Johnston: Yeah - and Dockley's while she's at it!

Love Hurts [1.10][edit]

Series 2[edit]

Tug of Love [2.01][edit]

Sh*t Happens [2.02][edit]

Helen Stewart: So, what do you propose?
Simon Stubberfield: Well, he's been suspended now. He can stay off whilst we have some kind of enquiry. I don't see him being away much longer than that.
Helen Stewart: So, it will be the usual white wash job?
Simon Stubberfield: Jim Fenner's one of our best officers.
Helen Stewart: Hold on a minute, Simon. That man has just beaten up one of our inmates.
Simon Stubberfield: That's her story.
Helen Stewart: And it's one that I believe! I also believe that he was having an affair with her. I've suspected it for a long time. He was doing the same with Rachel Hicks and there's probably others.
Simon Stubberfield: This is all conjecture.
Helen Stewart: We've been here before which is why we need a full investigation. Why else are you suspending him if not for that?
Simon Stubberfield: Well, there are procedures.
Helen Stewart: Oh - so you can be seen to be doing your job, so that it doesn't affect your promotion?
Simon Stubberfield: Now, look here, Helen. I've had enough of this.
Helen Stewart: That's it, Simon, pull rank. Just sweep it under the carpet.
Simon Stubberfield: Can I remind you that I am in charge in Larkhall whether you like it or not!
Helen Stewart: Well I don't like it! I don't like it one bit!

Visiting Time [2.03][edit]

Sylvia Hollamby: Johnson? I'll be back in five minutes. If it isn't finished, you're on report.
[Sylvia walks away and slips on the wet floor]
Julie Johnston: Serves you bloody well right.
Sylvia Hollamby: What did you say, Madame?
Julie Saunders: She didn't say nothing miss.
Julie Johnston: I said it serves you bloody right. You dried up old bag!

Looking for Love [2.04][edit]

Mistaken Identity [2.05][edit]

Losing It [2.06][edit]

The Set-Up [2.07][edit]

Babes Behind Bars [2.08][edit]

The Leaving [2.09][edit]

Family Plan [2.10][edit]

Rough Justice [2.11][edit]

Facing Up [2.12][edit]

Oh What a Night! [2.13][edit]

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