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she is a Rwandan actoress

Bahavu Jeannette (born 17 july 1993) One of the most popular actresses in Rwanda, bahavu is best known for the role 'Diane' in TV series, City Maid. Apart from acting, she is also a fashion designer and television host. She is married with Ndayirukiye Fleury in March 27, 2021.


  • thankful for Mummy for giving you birth and God who created you (youNihashimirwe mama wakwibarutse na Rurema waguhanze).
    • [1] isimbi (date 19-10-2021 at 09:55)
  • i did not know the meaning of LOVE until i meet you(Sinamenye icyo umukunzi bivuze kugeza mpuye na we).

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