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Bar Rescue is an American reality television series that premiered on Spike on 17 July 2011.  It stars Jon Taffer, a long-time food & beverage industry consultant specialising in nightclubs and pubs, who offers his professional expertise plus renovations and equipment to desperately failing bars in order to save them from closing.

Created by Darrin Reed, written by Tim Hoffmann, directed by Jay Hunter, and starring Jon Taffer.

Title sequence[edit]

P. J. King:  This year, sixty-five-hundred failing bars nationwide will close their doors for good.  If things don't change soon, [insert bar name] in [insert location] will become just another statistic.

P. J. King:  So [insert owner's name] has agreed to pull back the doors, bust open the books, and make a call for help—to Bar Rescue.

Running a bar is not just a business; it's a science.  No one knows more about bar science than Jon Taffer.

Jon Taffer:  I don't embrace excuses; I embrace solutions.
P. J. King:  For more than thirty years, Jon has transformed hundreds of failing bars worldwide.
Jon Taffer:  I believe that you could do this.
P. J. King:  Jon turns money pits—
Jon Taffer:  Clean the [expletive deleted] place out.
P. J. King:  —into money-makers.

Season 1 (2011)[edit]

Season 2 (2012)[edit]

Broke Black Sheep [2.6][edit]

Donny: This is nuts.
Peter: What cocktail is that?
[Peter observes Donny's prep]
Peter: Don't need to shake it, you put Coke in it, top it off with Guinness.
[Customers begin chanting and pounding the bar for their Bushmills drink "Apple Pie"]

Peter: (interview) Out of all the staff, Donny's the weak link.
[Peter quizzes Donny during soft opening]
Peter: Apple Pie, what's in it?
Donny: Honey Bushma-, uh...
Peter: Bushmills Irish Honey.
Donny: Bushmills ho-, uh...
Peter: What else?
[Peter groans from chaotic thought]
Peter: (interview) I know he only learned a day, but there's only six cocktails.

Season 3 (2013–2014)[edit]

Hole In None [3.27][edit]

[Kevin starts making everything on the menu for Jon's recons Phil and Brian. He handles raw bacon with his bare hands, Health Code Violation (HCV) #1]
Jon: (Watching in his car with health inspector Steve) Clearly has raw product, raw pork mind you! What raw food is he touching now?
[Kevin handles a raw pizza, HCV #2]
Jon: (Gasps) (Kevin is handling raw mushrooms, HCV #3) There's no sanitation. There's no handwashing, there's no gloves being used, there's no separation from raw to cooked product.
Steve: I don't know how he lasted eight months.
[There's a metal bowl on the grill covered completely in soot]
Steve: Look at that bowl.
Jon: Oh! Look at that!
Steve That bowl has not been cleaned since this place opened.
[Kevin tilts the bowl over the chicken...]
Jon: If he drops... (...and drops it. HCV #4) And they're putting that over food!
Steve: This is inexcusable, absolutely.

Jon: You've done this for fourteen years?
Steve: I've never seen anything like this before. This is ridiculous.
[Jon and Steve enter the bar]
Jon: (interview) I didn't take a half a step in this place and I could smell the filth.
Jon: Richard.
Richard: How's it going Jon?
Jon: Not well, man.
Richard: You killed my kitchen.
Jon: You almost killed my frickin' mixologist! Phil is in the bathroom throwing up right now!
Richard: Off beer?
Jon: YES! OFF BEER FOR CHRIST SAKES! This is Steve, he's a health inspector with me. In 14 years have you ever seen somebody throw up so quickly from consuming something?
Steve: Absolutely not.
Jon: What just happened, Phil?
Phil: I just puked my brains out 'cause I drank that right there. (to Richard) Go ahead, take a sip of it man.
Jon: Go ahead, you let your customers drink it, drink it!
Phil: Taste it!
Richard: It's supposed to be 86'd.
Jon: Supposed to be 86'd?! Is it connected?! (HCV #5) Does she (Michelle) know it's 86'd, did you?
Michelle: No sir.
Jon: YOU WON'T DRINK IT, BUT HE WILL?!!! (Shatters the mug)

[They walk into a cooler with spores and fungus growing.]
Brian: What's this walk in? Oh, (bleep) me.
Jon: NO (bleep) WAY!!
Steve: This is a forest in here.
Steve: (interview) Spores, they have their own unique smell. You don't want to be breathing that stuff in.
Jon: LOOK AT THIS!! (HCV #14)
Steve: Oh, my god!
Jon: GET THE (bleep) OUTTA HERE! GET THE (bleep) OUTTA HERE! THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Chef, Steve, let's leave. (interview) I gotta have this tested. If this is black mold, we are all in trouble. I'M OUTTA HERE! THIS PLACE IS DANGEROUS FOR CHRIST SAKES!! NOBODY EATS THIS FRICKIN FOOD!!! (slams all the food from the bar counter to the floor)

Season 4 (2014–2016)[edit]

"Back to the Bar: Empty Pockets" [4.49][edit]

Gina Bigford:  Two weeks after we got the liquor licence, the state called us and said, "Stop selling."
Jon Taffer:  What was the reason?
Gina Bigford:  They said we were point-five-eight of a tenth of a mile outside of city limits.
Jon Taffer:  [pointing at a map]  Take a look at this:  This is Murfreesboro.  The yellow is the county and that red circle is MT Bottles, which means MT Bottles's location is just three-hundred and thirty feet short of keeping its liquor licence.  Now, what's amazing is you had the licence.
Gina Bigford:  I did.
Jon Taffer:  And you were making a lot of money, right?
Gina Bigford:  Yes, I was.
Jon Taffer:  The bar was doing great.
Gina Bigford:  It was doing great.  In just three months, we put twenty-thousand dollars on—down to buy the building.
Jon Taffer:  And then they just changed their mind and took it away.
Gina Bigford:  Yes.  I said, "No, I'm gettin' a lawyer 'cause y'all ain't makin' no sense."  I fought as hard as I could fight; finally ran out of money and had to throw in the towel.
Jon Taffer:  Lisamarie, you got to go there and hear this story before I did.
Lisamarie Joyce:  I did.  They are so close.
Gina Bigford:  I love her.
Lisamarie Joyce:  For it to be ripped away, it really broke my heart, really broke my heart.
Brandi Banks:  It was absurd—ridiculous.  It really pissed me the [expletive deleted] off.
Jon TafferGovernment at its best.  [audience laughs]
Gina Bigford:  Yeah.

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